Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two, Two Books on One!

Publisher's summary:
From humble beginnings and a narrow escape from death in childhood, William Marshall steadily rises through the ranks to become tutor in arms to the son of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine.
Based on fact, this is the story of William Marshal, the greatest knight of the Middle Ages, unsurpassed in the tourneys, adeptly manoeuvring through the colourful, dangerous world of power and politics to become one of the most powerful magnates of the realm and eventually Regent of England.
©2006 Elizabeth Chadwick; (P)2006 Soundings
Read by Christopher Scott
William Marshal is my idea of the 'knight in shining armor'. His tournament skills were outstanding. He was a gentle man who, when he pledge himself, would not waver. His story in this time in history is fascinating! I enjoyed all 15 hours of it! 
At times I stopped the recording to check a fact or learn a bit more of the history, it  was always there. Ms. Chadwick does her research well. As an historical, fictional biography, this is one of my favorites! If you like good historical fiction, do by all means, indulge yourself with this one. I give this 5 out of 5 stars to the The Greatest Knight
Publisher's Summary:
The prowess and loyalty of the great knight William Marshal have been rewarded with the hand in marriage of Isabelle de Clare. William has weathered the difficult years of King Richard's absence on crusade and is currently serving him on campaign in Normandy. But the stability William and Isabelle have enjoyed comes crashing down as Richard dies and his brother John becomes king.
Rebellion stirs throughout the Angevin domains, and William and Isabelle distance themselves in Ireland. As the situation escalates, William steers an increasingly precarious path that will lead him, eventually, to the rule of a country in desperate straits, with Isabelle walking with him every step of the way.
©2006 Elizabeth Chadwick; (P)2007 Soundings

Read by Christopher Scott
I must talk for a moment of the importance of a good narrator.  Christopher Scott is an example of a really good narrator, his voice is easy to listen to. The characters are easily identified and non distracting. Why is this important to notice?  All it takes is one audio with a voice that irritates to stop a book dead. That is why I attempt to inform my readers of my opinion of the narrator's skill.
I posted this two books together because they are both about the same man. The first novel ends very nicely and you do not have consume it before reading the second (but I did). 
William Marshal is still my 'knight in shining armor' in this second half of his story.  While there is lots of good information in The Scarlet Lion, I found it moved slower than The Greatest Warrior. If you are like me, and want to know the rest of the story, you will move on to the end.
The one is some where between a 3 and a 4 for me but you may rate it higher. If you are as curious as I, you will have to have it!

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