Sunday, May 31, 2009

Phat Fiber Sample Box: 1,000 Petals and *Giveaway*

Floating Chocolate - Merino/Bamboo Roving
These are just a couple of products you can find at 1,000 Petals by lotusjulie.  she caters to spinners and nonspinners! GO SEE!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mama's Money Savers giveaway

mama's money savers is giving away this stuffed cutie, norman phartephant. who farts! i don't know how much kids will like him, but a have a husband who would love him!

How did Norman become so Gassy?
Norman PhartEphant™ is an African elephant that was adopted by a US zoo. The dietary changes in the transition caused unexpected gastric effects. There is more to Norman than just gas! 
Norman makes a great present!
Norman is more than just a farting plush! By giving Norman as a present, you are also giving presents to a few child-oriented charities!  Check out Norman's Story & Friends!

and enter the contest here.

phat fiber give away

yarn...beautiful yarn! if you gotta have it go to phatfiber and enter. i did! o, desert garden farm does batting too for those who want skinnier yarn.

wish list

sideshowmelody, a ravelry member, came up with 8 items. before she challenges me, i am going to see what i can come up with.
  • mysy pup's hips to get better
  • for charlie to be well enough for us to get back to the swimming pool!
  • for the folks i am praying for be relieved of cancer, and i accept what that means.
  • a vehicle that will carry my new wheel chair and me around!
  • for people to realize that homosexuality is not contagious so they are safe to vote for the equal marriage act.
  • for people to stop being afraid or breeding fear and start loving and teaching love.
  • i could paint the things i see and have them come out the same
  • the metabolism would return to all of us have become heavier than they wish (like me)

Friday, May 29, 2009

BROWNIES can you resist?

brownies...chocolate...i want them!!! so what did i do? i entered mommy i'm hungry's giveaway! at this link. i mean, can you look at these and not drool all over your keyboard. i couldn't!

pictures + critters = awwww!

thank you for saving me and my babies!
a roll in the snow is so much fun
yes we are the stars on animal planet
thanks for the new litter box...that other one was really too big!
i'm not danger now but try this in the future....
this chair is too small
mommy said to wash my hand and face before dinner
small ball in the corner pocket
what can i do, they think i am their mommy
why me!!!
new game, the bunny clap
my, what big eyes you havewe get by with a little help from our friends
i was so hungry. so full. neee sleeeepppp.....
hey, he goes faster than i do!
yawn...i am soooo tired.
would you stop following me, i have cat friends!!
remember what i look like now and you will never want to turn me into easter dinner
he is so loving, i just had to stay...great snuggler
no, no, i'm safe, i won't fall off
we are the mask marauders!
i am so shy! i pray a lot! they say you should cover your mouth and nose when sneesing

and now i am going to beat you again. lovely lady

Thursday, May 28, 2009

ten things that make me happy?

another blogger, jessica, challenged me to answer the above question. this is my attempt to answer (no order):

1. my dogs make me happy.  they are so full of joy and so smart and loving,

2. yarn makes me happy...the feel, the colors, what you can turn it into.

3. clouds make me happy. sometimes they glide across the sky. sometimes they billow up. sometime they have pink bottoms from the sun.  have you ever been flying and seen a lighting strike through them? the strike casts a golden hue to the clouds close by.
4. flowers, especially wild flowers make me happy. i love to take drives out during spring and see untouched area splashed with colors from the different blossoms.
5. photography makes me happy. mine and other peoples. these were done by a couple of friends of mine. they all make me feel and think...what a good thing. kristina did the first two and chris did the other.

6. rainbows make me happy.  i have seen some that go straight up and then rise. one of the reasons charlie is so great is he understands that rainbows require watching.

7. a full moon makes me happy. especially the beautiful harvest moons! they are always so big and colorful.

8. seeing grown men hug one another makes me happy. fathers and sons and grandsons. old friends reuniting. (of course i am glad i am not a man during one of those hugs with all the back pounding! ouch!)

9. being alive makes me happy. it is so much fun beating the odds!!

10. my husband's love makes me happy.

what is a phat fiber sampler

i had to add this site to my blog list. after you read the following i  think you will understand. it is a direct copy of her words and some pictures (link):

The Phat Fiber Sampler box is a way for independent fiber, yarn and related needlecraft companies and artisans to promote their products through a tactile goodie box that goes on sale once monthly. Our contributors get exposure while the consumers get to handle and experiment with products before making larger purchases. If you would like to contribute to the box, or are interested in learning more, please contact Jessie at

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Chocolate Mexicano - Guajillo Chili
go to this site but only if you are so in love with chocolate as i am! it's taza chocolate. just reading and looking around the site is making my chocolate desire rise to an unbelievably high level!!! and they have tea with chocolate blended. the is not a giveaway. i found it thru a tea conversation and just had to look it up. chocolate and pepper. i have heard about it but never had it. but i think i will sometime in the near future. if you have already tried this, please leave me a comment!

or go here
Aztec Hot Chocolate

The Giveaway: lu kels giveaway

Ruby Heart Key Finder-
The Giveaway: lu kels giveaway

lu kels is a boutique. and fun. i see lots of things i would like to have.

Joolwe fun jewelry shopping

18k Gold over Sterling Silver Fancy Cut Peridot Cubic Zirconia Necklace
following a blog line, i found this site. it looked like it could be great fun for someone who likes jewelry as much as i. i subscribed to their email and then went to join them. i got a notice that i would be getting the emails but could not get the submit button to submit me as a joiner. bummer!

i emailed them. they emailed me back. after several of the pingpongs, a marvelous thing happened. i was joined! 

ok, why am i rabbiting on about these folks? because i worked customer support for 20 years. i know what is good, bad and somewhere in between. these folks are very good. so if you are looking for jewelry, do go to joolwe. (clicking on the name will take you to them.)

and if you have any problem, know that they will help you out! and tell um spvaughan sent ya! giggle.

give-away-historical romance novel

i like books of all kinds and i am guessing some of you feel the same way. so i want to share this giveaway.  the book is a historical romance novel called 
easterfield by anna jones buttimore
what if you are in 1850 england and were visited by the first lds missionaries? to find out, go the giveaway and see if you can win an autographed copy. i am!

Monday, May 25, 2009

heeeellllpppp meeeeee! please!

i think i have about got this linking thing figured out. BUT ...isn't there always...i need help figuring out how to do a blog roll or 3 to make my blog easier to find things on...maybe i need page breaks so i can refer people to different pages. i don't know. 

my brain is fried so i am going to watch some tv and crash! 

nighty night! and don't let the bed bug bite!

our little mystery

mystery pup
Originally uploaded by 

mystery puppy (aka mysypup, aka the midnight marauder) has been at it again. but not as successful as she normally is. she apparently went in search of the forbidden last night.  she found the peanut butter jar.  how do i know? it was on the floor by my side of the bed this morning. ah, but we were in luck! this time she couldn't get the lid off! she is a very talented thief is out mysy. she has been known to find some jar and get the lid off and clean up the jar's contents. on some jars, you can tell how long her tongue is. so funny. especially if you catch her. she just stops. sits. drops what is in her mouth and give you a look of "aren't i the smartest dog in the house. i got it off the counter all by myself,"

travel to fort worth

photo by susieshepherd

sometimes it is good to go traveling with a native. 

susie  shepherd,  while currently residing the the frozen north county (well, compared with the dfw area it is), is from fort worth. today she showed me her fort worth. i thought you might like to see and read her joy as well. so, go to this link and look at the listing for may 25!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

buying cowboy boots

dsc_0094compliments to susie shepherd (this is her photo).  she is the one that wrote it up and with pictures to boot! (i made a funny)  ah the things you learn from knitting fiber farmers! link

pretties giveaway!

The Giveaway: andrea's beau giveaway

and they are pretty and would be wonderful to win when you are going out for something special. if you have long or thick hair that you like to do up or back...she has some great combs and hair pins.

what the haaaay!

if you looked at my blog a bit ago or a bit before that or a bit before that... yes, i know you look at this one minute and then again and it has changed again. that is because i keep trying to get it right.

i moved the buttons down because it is easier to see them as a group rather than a stream (well it is for me and it's my blog and i can't figure out that new blog roll that takes up less space...teach me). 

then i started looking at my list of blog sites. i just had to split them up. some of you are only visiting because of one thing. some another. maybe you just want to see who has lots of pictures, who tells really good stories, how does lots of things on knitting, and then where have i found a good site for something i really like on line.  there may be some over laping because some people fall in more than one.

will i ever get this right? probably not. but it will be interesting to see what developes. remember, i warned you, this is a hodgepodge of stuff.

attention knitters/crocheters!!!

i know you have to think i have forgotten all my knitting/crocheting friends. 

not true. most of the people i have been talking about are knitters/crocheters who have other interests similar to mine. i think knitting  and photography and art are all of a similar nature. we see colors that can work together, blend into one another or contrast against each other. i think that is why many of us get into dying yarn. somehow, we must translate colors we see onto blank yarn. lights and darks and shades and hues. 

so many textures. we see textures. now that is one of the things that turns us into yarnaholics (see my portrait). textures turn us into knitters. we want to feel the yarn move thru our fingers and see/touch the resulting fabric. we have to make patterns. and then some of us are compelled to learn to spin ... how else will we get the yarn we want? 

if you are not a knitter or crocheter, i hope this draws you into this wonder craft(s).

frames for all the photographers

or people who want frames that will really show off their pictures. do two things for yourself, enter this giveaway and then create a of the framers' site so you can't lose the site for the next time you need a great frame!
button *

Saturday, May 23, 2009

we're off to new zealand to meet stell

stell is a lovely lady who makes good videos (see stell66 on you tube). she loves to teach and does it well. even long distance. her still photography accents her writing well. like this one.

her knitting is beautiful! for one who loves reading, her writing is delightful!

today's posting has to be shared with everyone because it represent her well. if you are ready, go to knit knit frog . met one of my favorite teachers. i know you will be smiling when you finish your visit.

a book and a giveaway


check it out this site! even if you don't win, you win! because you find out about things you may not know about going green!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

don't ya just love little kid stories?

here are 2. the first one is from the bonnie hunt show; the latter from my experience:

1. mom passed  bathroom where junior was sitting the the toliet patting his head.
mom: what are you doing
kid: well, works for catsup

2. mom talking on the phone suddenly starts laughing. when asked what was so funny, she said: my 3yo just woke up, came in, and crawled up on the couch so he could look out the window. suddenly he started jumping about as he cried out: mommy! mommy! look! MILK!!!
(it was the first time he had seen snow. it was coming down hard. not the tiny stuff, but the big fat ones. like fluffy down feathers. we are in texas, don't cha know.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

critter picture

i love this one! when i saw it i burst out laughing! enjoy!

back to scotland for the longest sock ever

ok, we gotta go back to scotland. once a sheep is proving how coordinated she is. and it is a beautiful day in scotland.  click on her site name to get more information.
(spv: i wonder how many local texas knitters i could get to do this. i would take pictures of course as you can't drive a chair and knit at the same time! giggle)

let's go to germany!

we went to scotland, now go to germany with i would rather be knitting. she is my wondering school teacher with great stories and pictures. well, she is in germany but the posting is referencing her stay in italy.

it is fun, if you have a while, to go back as far as you can on the global hopping, reading her adventures and seeing the sites with her. so if you just want to get a way for a while on a warm, tiring afternoon, go along, travel in the most relaxing way!

"drop one" has been on another walk

lexie-drinkingdrop one
drop one again took me with her in words and pictures and links to historical information. o, you want to go to scotland again? here's the newest posting. a wonderfilled spring day.

365 by Joanna: DAY 136: Enjoying warm sunny day

365 by Joanna: DAY 136: Enjoying warm sunny day

i do love photograph! her stuff will touch emotions.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

breast cancer and women

i don't normally get political on this site but this is really, really important! please go here and read and think and then follow your heart. if you want to do more after that, write and/or call you representatives and ask them to truly represent you and all the women you know.

it's an anniversary! and a contest!

her forth year! go here and you will see why i like visiting sandra singh! and it is not just because we have the same name! and to make it better, darcy is having a giveaway in her honor so go here to find out the details!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

and then the rain came down

they said we were in a line of weather that went all the way to michigan. they said it would hit us about sunrise. well, they were right and they were wrong. we were in the line. about midnight, oscar wild started panting. a bit later he went into the shower stall. a bit later he was under the covers, vibrating against charlie. my body agreed with him. about 1 am, is said, i think i hear thunder. later, isn't that thunder? later still, that's thunder. and then the wind picked up and blew some stuff across the bed. and then the north winds started blowing rain through the window! about 2:30 in the morning. so we have decided to watch oscar wild, the weatherdog, instead of watching the weatherman. he is much better, is our oscar. what? you don't know oscar? have you seen my avatar? that's our oscar.

Friday, May 15, 2009

pooped and hot

the air conditioner is in trouble. good thing i didn't used my cpap last night or i might not have smelled the burning of the wires before the alarm went out. so it is hot and muggy with all the windows open! charlie is waiting for paul to get home so he can take him to go get a part.

pooped...i have spent the entire day hunched over my computer trying to get rid of mail in yahoo and ravelry. and trying to get my pattern folder organized so i can find the right patterns faster. have i finish that job but the mail is down...way i can see the bottom of the page in both areas. 

ok, so much for my break. time to get back to organizing patterns.

i hate diets

especially yarn diets. especially when people keep sending info about yarns on sale or new yarns they have! and tell me why they come in bunches?

ok, maybe, but only just maybe, it is because i subscribe to them. but couldn't they just show me yarns i don't really like or know, the kind that is thin as thread and has to be knit with toothpick size needles?

i gotta go...incoming mail...from webs!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

today i met the nicest lady & so talented

pillow throw decor. she has 2, not just 1, sites. this one is in canada...and has the work of other people's s well as her pillows! wow, can you have fun at her sites! this one is in is on etsy,  she makes the most beutiful, enteresting, multi functional,  traditional to modern, pillow you have you must go visit her sires. 

the lady is, Pillow Throws Decor or cristine skaley. i made some comments thru esty about some of the things i thought lovely. she responded back and thus we became friends. but ya gotta go see for yourself...just don't be surprised if you fine a pillow there you like for every member of your family. 

tell her i sent might make her smile...i know it does me!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ye gods and little fishes

give me time kids! i have bunches of catching up to do! there are pictures in the phone and camera. but what with trying to play catchup...

i just got caught up on everyone's blogs, most of my email (3 require long missives). i will get there....promise.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

want to go but can't afford to go?

where? why to scotland of course! then i have a site for you! dropone. you can see some of the best pictures ever and access much more information than posted when you click on the highlighted places. so take a trip with her!

Friday, May 1, 2009

i won!!

remember my posting about joanna's photos and her contest??? well, i won!!! it is a beautiful picture of a magnolia!! ok, i know that was months ago but remember, i am trying to play catch up!

oh, she has 2 blog sites, so she is listed thrice. sometimes it is hard to keep up with her. but well worth it! and the original is so much better!

egads, have i really been away so long

i knew i hadn't posted in a while but this is beyond silly!!!

ok, i will try to give you a fast update: something attacked my body shortly after thanksgiving and would not give up. finally went to the doctor who ran tests and took me to task. then there were taxes and other interventions of life. but i am back and will try to catch up with everyone.

i do have pictures to post but not as many as i would like. o, i did get a new wheelchair for new year's. it is blue and magical...goes up and down so i don't get a crick in my neck from looking up and even tilts back (for a nap maybe).  

i am recovered from fiber fest and was a good girl...i only bought one skein of yarn (i had been lusting after it for about a year).  it reminds me of a sunset on a cloudy day...sort of blue-gray with pink...with a bit of silver sparkle. o, fear not, i have not reformed...i just needed some tools and what? some stitch markers by cat b so i can make better sense of her patterns, a couple of shawl pins, some socks charlie can wear with his kilt (lovely, soft alpaca)...i think that is all.  i did take a class on fiber substitution

dogs are fine and learning new tricks.

hmmm. about sir charles. about 3 weeks ago, he fell while waiting for my wheelchair guy to arrive. he broke and dislocated his ankle and heel. he had surgery that night to repair everything. so now there are 2 gimpy kids in the house. now here's the good news.  i have 2 walkers (the first one was really too tall but no one would believe me) and 2 electric wheelchairs (i have not donated the jazzy since i got the pride) and my old canadian (cuff) canes. so nothing had to be purchased as i had everything already. his cast is blue so he thinks he should ride the new blue pride. such a silly rabbit.

i have added sandra singh to my favorite blogs list. she is a lovely lady with a shop near austin. she also is on ravelry. give her a visit. "it's a good thing."

will try and post pictures as soon as i can figure out what costco has done to confuse me!