Saturday, August 8, 2009

I like pictures

Kittens and Pansies Gicleeok, who else has oooood and awwwwwd? this is from robin of Robin Maria Pedrero. her work is being sponsered on the electric element. as a giveaway. if you like robin's stuff, you ought to go enter this giveaway.

i won another book: Stand the Storm

Breena Clarke.
i won this book and i am so happy i did! bridget always finds the best books to review at her blog, readaholic. in fact bridget likes giveaway so much she has 2 blogs. the second on is called freebied for me and u. that site is just to help us connect other people's giveaways. see, i told you this was a nice lady. you really should visit both sites.

now to share with you why i wanted to read this book...i read the following:


Even though former slaves Annie Coats and her son Gabriel have managed to buy their freedom, their lives are still marked by constant struggle and sacrifice--to the extent that Annie secretly recalls her days on the plantation with fondness. Washington's Georgetown neighborhood, where the Coatses are seeking to build their new lives--with Gabriel, a tailor, producing uniforms for soldiers and fine suits for pompous politicians, and Annie, a seamstress and laundress, catering to the nearby brothels and stately homes--is supposed to be a safe haven, a "promised land" for former slaves, but is effectively a frontier town, gritty and dangerous, with no laws protecting black people. In fact, the city's own emancipation efforts in 1862 serve only to compromise the Coats family's status, putting Gabriel's three young daughters (each of them born free of free parents) at risk of becoming the property of the Coatses' former master. The remarkable emotional energy with which the Coatses rise their daily battles--as they negotiate with their former owner, as they assist other former slaves en route to freedom, as they prepare for the encroaching war, and as they struggle to love each other enough--is what fuels this novel and makes its tragic denoument so devastating.

i can't wait for my copy to arrive! after i read it. i have to put in my two cents after reading. i want everyone to have a shelf of "to be read" as big as mine or bigger.