Tuesday, December 29, 2009

WINNER: I, Alex Cross (audio)

Opps! I didn't tell you about this one! Thank you Ms Jen of Jen's Book Talk!

Now I know you who read my review of another of his books are wondering why I bother to try and get this book. Simple. People whose reviews I respect, said this was one of his "ups". And you know I love a good mystery! So, why not give Mr. Patterson another try.

I will let you know what I think after a good listen.

Now, I gotta tell you (if you haven't read my comments before), I like Jen's blog and frequent it often (see on the left hand side of her blog where she lists her top commenters). It's a fun blog if you haven't been there. Her reviews are good (she does movies, too) and I like her rating system. She particpates in lots of tours (a good way to follow giveaways of a book you really want to read but can't aford or just to see what tour participants think of a book). Speaking of which, she is part of Seduced by a Rouge by Amanda Scott who has written some other books I have enjoyed...wonder what our tour guide will have to say about that?!