Wednesday, May 20, 2009

critter picture

i love this one! when i saw it i burst out laughing! enjoy!

back to scotland for the longest sock ever

ok, we gotta go back to scotland. once a sheep is proving how coordinated she is. and it is a beautiful day in scotland.  click on her site name to get more information.
(spv: i wonder how many local texas knitters i could get to do this. i would take pictures of course as you can't drive a chair and knit at the same time! giggle)

let's go to germany!

we went to scotland, now go to germany with i would rather be knitting. she is my wondering school teacher with great stories and pictures. well, she is in germany but the posting is referencing her stay in italy.

it is fun, if you have a while, to go back as far as you can on the global hopping, reading her adventures and seeing the sites with her. so if you just want to get a way for a while on a warm, tiring afternoon, go along, travel in the most relaxing way!

"drop one" has been on another walk

lexie-drinkingdrop one
drop one again took me with her in words and pictures and links to historical information. o, you want to go to scotland again? here's the newest posting. a wonderfilled spring day.

365 by Joanna: DAY 136: Enjoying warm sunny day

365 by Joanna: DAY 136: Enjoying warm sunny day

i do love photograph! her stuff will touch emotions.