Saturday, June 20, 2009

want to go to a party?

Mommy? I'm Hungry! Blogoversary Party!
it is going to be fun and there are prizes and everything!!! so click here and go party!

update it is fun and it goes thru the 27th so go visit and visit daily!

hey, 5 days to go! have you visited yet. i have!! all three day! try it, you might like it!!!

i forgot to acknowledge i won

Albolene and You ? no, and ME! because i won it!
and i forgot to tell everyone! jenn, please forgive me!!! go visit her site so you can meet and maybe win something from her.

I won at sogkonniteliving

....can you believe this is coming to my house???? from kristin. he brother took it. anyone who knows me knows i love sunsets and sunrises and photography. i scared the dogs with my yelp (dh was out of the house at the time).

she is one very nice lady so you should visit her! just click on her name and you will be there!

I won from my four monkeys

My Four Monkeys
The winner of the StoryTots giveaway is: HODGEPODGESPV! Congratulations!

it will have the child's name...a personalized book. is that cool or what!!!

wonderful little kid's story

i found on another blog but had to share!

Heard from Charlotte….

Posted: 19 Jun 2009 01:11 PM PDT

“Mommy.” “Yes, baby.” “Mommy, I was in your stomach.” “Yes, baby, you were.” “Mommy, when I was in your stomach, I saw your heart. And it loves me.” Never were truer words spoken. ~trisha Share and Enjoy: