Thursday, June 11, 2009

chocolate!!!! that is healthy for you!!!

"Chocolate is hardly ever synonymous with the words, weight loss, but Celebrate Life Nutrition has introduced Celebrate Chocolate Truffles as an indulgent way to satisfy your hunger and control your appetite. ..."

that is a quote from blessing abound as she begins to review celebrate life nutrition. and she follows it with a giveaway...what a win win...chocolate that helps your weight!! WOW! yes, you bet i entered!

new green book & contest

go here for all the details that dkmommyspot has about the contest and the book,

“Sleeping Naked is Green” by Vanessa Farquharson

Megans Cookin: A Contest and A Giveaway!

I have one that I want you to have.

And with it, I'll throw in these recipe cards and
a jar of my fresh made Chocolate Raspberry Sauce.
Just made it Monday! It's delicious.

You'll be eating this stuff out of the jar. It's that good!

Read more:

Megans Cookin: A Contest and A Giveaway! go, it's a good thing and she needs our support.

spinners! great sale!!! ends tonight!!!!

from phatfiber:

You all know I'm a huge Extreme Spinning fan. Well, she's got an amazing sale going on in her shop right now, and I just had to let you all know about it. It's a buy one get one 60% off! It excludes here spin along listing.
If you're not into spinning- CJ's handspun yarns are out of this world. Even if you do spin, you should really experience them!
Everything in CJ's shop is created in small batches and she does a lot of limited run colorways. Pictured above are a sneak peek at June's samples! The top photo is Milk fiber!! A generous sampling of creamy, silky milk fiber in her "Sable Island" colorway. She also sent in some scrumptious batts- pictured is "Lobster for dinner". Since CJ is originally from Maine- maybe we should say Lobstah!
CJ is gearing up for a huge fiber release on Saturday with lots more listings ( a little birdie told me silk, milk, and lots more hard to find fibers!) but what is in her shop now will be gone! You can find out more at her blog.
We're giving away this wonderful roving (20.5 micron means soft like buttah!!) to a random commentor below. Just visit Extreme Spinning, find something you like and write about it below. We'll be drawing for a winner tomorrow and incidentally, tomorrow is when her sale ends (midnight).