Friday, February 22, 2008

got mail

gone a dvd from Darrel Crow with basic techniques for adapting oil techniques to acrylics...had to all the taping i did of Bob Ross will come into play!  I THINK I CAN!!!  but will have to wait as by the time I finish all my email catch up and finish my investigation of r and, oh, eating dinner...oh and then there is tomorrow house party for obama and then early voting...dogs and dh need attention too.  After play with BR and Darrell, i may have to (mind bending arm back) buy another lesson on painting flowers...but then i want some more EZ books and dvds...ok, charlie, NO MORE YARN! until I make a dent in what i have that seems to be somehow leaking out of my craft room.  waiting for EZ knitting without tears and a knitting glossary...and still have to work on my solder scarf project.  next week is a disaster waiting to happen and I wonder if spit out a snood by thurs...never know if don't try.

Designing for all

Ok, I have old eyes and while they may twinkle, they find larger print is easier on the eyes, so I hope it relaxes yours as well.  Some blogs I've see have so small print or light print that I also find hard to see. So let me know if I have followed suit! Remember, I am new to this so help me make it work for everyone.

my first post

testing my capability to see what I can do here.  Feel like I must be the last kid on the block to get the new forgive me if I jump around and seem a bit confused!