Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In the Woods by Tana French
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is a body found at an excavation site right by some wood where 20 years ago 2 out of 3 kids disappeared. Are these 2 incidences related? To add to the intrigue, one of the investigators of the new mystery was the one kid who did return.

The interaction between primary investigators was fascinating. By the end of the book, I understood that the next book in the series will probably not involve any of these characters but rather pick up with a new murder mystery and a new team of investigators.

Some people might be disappointed with the lack of Irish accents by the narrator but it didn't bother me as had I read it, I would have heard it with an American accent. The British accent of Steven Crossley was ok with me.

This is a series I will likely follow!

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Need some recipes?

This is a cozy mystery with many, many recipes...a bit more than I like. I felt they were used to fill out a weak story. If you are a baker, the recipes sound really good.

I did like the characters of a mother, her 4 daughters (who have a habit of finding dead bodies), her mother's intended, and the men involved with said daughters. 

While one mystery is solved, the other is left hanging. If you've read many of my reviews, you know I generally like books that don't leave you hanging. This book did not catch me enough to make me want to get the next book in the series or start in from the beginning.

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3 out of 5 stars