Friday, August 29, 2014

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs (Jane Jameson, #1)Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs by Molly Harper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jane's day starts with her getting fired from a job she loves by an incompetent who wants her more incompetent relation to have Jane's job. She goes to "drowned her sorrows" where she meets an irresistibly handsome man who won't go home with her in her drunken condition...she who has not had sex in years! She starts driving herself home only to have her car die. Only to have someone she knows shot her...because he thinks she's a DEER! Really! A DEER?!

But wait...this book has just started. You guessed it. She wakes up to find that Mr. Irresistible is a vampire and has made her one!

What a great way to start a book! If I hadn't been drawn to the need for a light weight book that potentially had lots of laughs by the title, this beginning clenched it! From here I learned more about her "maker", his old but not now vampire friend, a strange "Welcome" lady (she welcomes newly made vampires to the group), her grabby sister, her ghosty aunt, her best friend (male who joins a support group for friends of the "newly turned"), etc.

How does a girl tell her parents of her new status? How does she find a job? How does she learn to deal with her undead status? And who the hell is trying to frame her for murder(s?)?

I know but I'm not going to tell. You have to listen to book to find out for yourself! It's a perfect book for an in-between from those more intense books; for those who just love reading fun books; for those who love a good mystery. It's so much fun you'll have to read the next installment!

I do hope Amanda Ronconi narrates the rest; she did such a good job with this one!

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Destroying Angel by Alanna Knight

Destroying Angel by Alanna Knight
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"Autumn 1897. Rose McQuinn's stubborn refusal to give up her job as "Lady Detective, Discretion Guaranteed", has cost her the love of her ambitious fiancé, Jack Macmerry. And now it seems that she is to lose her elusive deerhound, Thane, as well. His rightful owner is Hubert, a Royal photographer, who lost him while walking on Arthur's Seat three years earlier."

For a woman to have an "occupation" outside the home was not the norm. I worked for and with two women doctors (one a PhD, one a MD) who were born early in the 1900s. They had to give up much for their very notable careers. Imagine what strength it took Rose to commit to her career. How can a "man" of her time tolerate such behavior? To get a glimpse into the time is wonderful. And if there is a mystery involved, more's the better!

As a dog lover, I can well understand Rose feeling worse about the lose of Thane than the loss of Jack. Dogs love unconditionally. Men don't. And Thane is such a grand dog and companion.

"Hubert has a hidden agenda concerning her role as a crime investigator. As the family's tragic history unfolds, dark secrets are revealed...and a series of suspicious deaths."

This is where the book gets really interesting...the mystery. It's as twisty as you want a good mystery to be; with characters you want to follow.

Of course I did not read this in order! Did I feel I lost anything by jumping in with Book 5 in the series? No. Ms. Knight has a good book that stand well alone. That's my favorite kind of author. One who doesn't need to tack a teaser at the end of a book to get you to buy the next edition.

The narration by Hilary Neville is as good as you want!

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