Friday, October 16, 2009

Book Review Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor

By Kathryn Lasky
Narrated by Josephine Bailey
Publishers's Summary
Welcome to the bizarre court of Henry VIII, where even a princess fears losing her head like her mother. Elizabeth hides her tenacious personality from everyone, especially her father. Your 21st-century kid will enjoy Elizabeth's "treasonous thoughts" and glimpse the daily life of a young woman who ascended the throne at 25 and went on to rule her country for 45 years.
I bought this on Audible.Com. It is for children but this 64yo enjoyed it a lot. It is about her childhood and her relationships with those around her. Check it's OK if you want to "get it for your child" and then listen to it with them. My inner child has listened to it more than once!

Oh, you will appreciate the narrator who does a great job!

Thursday Thunks

Welcome to the October 15th version of Thursday Thunks!
(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think
a little bit before you blog!
This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by
Kimber, the number 32 (as in only 32 people played last week)and the color of dog poop on your shoe.

1. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses,
And all the king's men,
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

Why was Humpty Dumpty sitting on that wall? to see what was on the other side.

2. If Mother Goose and Father Time had kids, what would they look like and what would they be named? Lucy looks more like her mother, but Tick, Tock, and Dickery take after their dad.

3. Does Barbie have kankles? i don't know...what are "kankles"?

4. Have you ever been featured in a magazine? sort of

5. Did your parents keep a baby book for you? If so, how often have you looked through it? not for a long time.

6. If someone dropped off a case of candy bars at your front door, what kind of candy bar would you want? (Berleen's question from Insanity Cafe.) CHOCOLATE anything!

7. Rub-a-dub-dub,
Three men in a tub,
And how do you think they got there?
Well, wouldn't you your first time in Japan?
The butcher, the baker,
The candlestick-maker,
They all jumped out of a rotten potato,
'Twas enough to make a man stare.

What happened to the rotten potato? Further more, if they jumped out of a rotten potato, do you think they stink? It was thrown in the compost's a green thing. Stink?! Why else do you think they ran to the tub?