Sunday, June 7, 2009

babies! puppy babies! lamb babies!

i have two rescued dogs, oscar wild and mystery puppy. with the exception of my two jack russell terriers, all my dogs have been rescues. why? because their parents were not neutered. i have loved all of them deeply and missed them just as much when they passed. a couple of my dogs were found in the woods. it seems some people would rather let their dogs keep breeding than to get them fixed. but they don't want all the puppies. so they take them out to the woods and leave them. and there are some people who want their dog to have just one litter so the kids can see the miracle of birth. thanks to you tube, these owners/parents no longer have to use this excuse. there are lots of pictures of puppy births on line to show the kids. 

please, unless you are a registered breeder, neuter your animals as soon as the vet says it's ok. and if you do have a litter you don't want or can't give away, take them to any humane center, rescue group or the pound. if you are going to let them die, let it at least be humane.

i don't know how to get a you tube video over here but if you will click on the highlighted you tube words in the first paragraph, you can witness puppy birth.

greg kinnear and the yarn harlot

what, you ask do they have in common? for those of us who do not follow her blog closely, i just found out about kinnearing...she started it so you should be able to read about it in her blog (there will be pictures). greg was on the graham norton show in mar of 09. not only did they discuss it, they call her on the phone in canada! much laughter.

Phat Fiber Sample Box: Enchanted Yarn Super Giveaway!

Enchanted Forest - Handspun Yarn
this is not the giveaway, this is an example of work the donator's etsy shop, Enchanted Yarn (aka Margie. i just had to share this with you because i loved it so! you really should enter the giveaway as it contains products all fiber people need, want and use!