Sunday, August 8, 2010

My big sister, Patsy

Wasn't she beautiful? The first picture was when she was about 10. The second picture was in the early sixties. I wish one of these pictures was in color because she had the most amazing blue eyes. No, not corn flower blue. More the color of an aquamarine. My four beautiful nieces inherited her eyes. She was first chair in the San Antonio Youth Symphony (violin). She exercised horse for the Pentathlon Team from Fort Sam Houston (giving her mother several heart stopping moments). I remember my mom telling me a story about a time they were watching the team as they took a course of hair raising jumps. At one point she ask her 5'2" daughter in a fairly calm voice, "You do follow this course when you are exercising the horses?" Her daughter answered: "Of course!" I don't know if my mother still has it, but she used to have a pastille drawing she did that I particularly liked. She would have made the National Honor Society had she and a girl friend not be caught skipping school one day.

As we were both fire signs, you can just imagine the sparks that flew between us! Damn good thing our mother is a water sign with all the fires she had to put out! While I loved and admired her always, I was sorry she died without our reconciliation. And without seeing the wonderful women her daughters have become!  Or met her grand and great grand children.

GIVEAWAY AND BLOG TOUR: Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt

O, not mine! Book Hound's is doing it. I just want to win this book! BH said if I blogged about it, I could get extra credit. I do want this book and my book budget is on lockdown. If you have read the reviews on this book or you like Elizabeth Holt, you, too, will want to read it. If you don't believe me, get on your bike and check it out for yourself!

I just wanted to say one more thing,  Do read the review, it's quite good. This is a new blog site for me but it looks so good, I am now a follower after a bit of a wander and read.  (Is that more than 1 thing? Never mind...I'm like that don't cha know.)