Saturday, June 21, 2008

i am soooooo

fill in the blank!  i found a wonderful kimono pattern ...had a picture of several ladies show several different lengths and sizes ...a picture in color ...i can't for the life of me find it! and i want it and i know what i want to do with it! it wasn't in it is not marked there. it is not marked in my yahoo knitty i didn't find it there. WHERE DID I PUT IT! i am going to go the the store and think of something else and see if i figure out where i put it!

i am back.  it didn't work! i am still frustrated! 

when you're down and out, and you need a friend

thank you paul simon and renie for a new blog site she does have gentle words for all of us!  go see!

yesterday, after a visit to the viper, we went to the cultured cup ( and the doggie shop next door. the cup is a not close but worth it. the smells that great you as the door opens is just the start. the displays are a gift to your eyes.  the tastes of teas i might want to buy make you lust to more. cups and saucers and teapots galore! and i forgot i can take pictures with my cell phone! well, my dears, i guess i will just have to go back so i can show you.

o, i need to show you the doggie shop next door! they let me taste a couple of the biscuits they sell...what? gross? no, no! there are no additives! i bought a bad of "sweet potato dog chewz"( (nothing but dehidrated sweet potatoes).  and 2 pig snouts...not as dangerous for the dogs and not messy...kept oscar and mysy busy for a long time! they see the box and go bonkers! i will find the card from the doggie store and post it later.

o, and they support the greyhound rescue group, one of which happened to come in...such a lovely dog! i would so love to have one in my house but 3 dogs! not until we figure out how to get another van...the saturn is just not built for 2 big dogs, 1 small, 2 people, and a wheelchair! 

i wish i knew how disabled people with low incomes or fixed incomes manage to afford converted vans!  this sucks! i really do not like being pushed around! you do not get to see what you want to see when you want to see it! i want my electric chair back under my butt! and i wan to use it when we go out!  the pushy chair makes me feel disabled! dependent! f;sfewnrwuerpne
sorry for the screaming.

back to the dogs.  we will have to take them to the doggie shop. but how to do that and go to the tea shop? maybe in the fall when it is cool enough to let them visit the shop either before or after we check out cultured cup. they love being car watch dogs and riders!  oscar wants to see and smell everything! mysy just wants to go along with us.