Wednesday, August 6, 2008

family planning

not mine, my folks...patsy was born 2 yr and 4 mo before me; daylia 2 yr 4 mo after. i have talked about patsy, now it is time for me to introduce my baby sister, daylia. she is a remarkable woman. not only did she graduate with a double degree in math and german from smu, but she did it with honors. she has 3 masters, and stopped before her dissertation on a phd. she has successfully raised to boys who are very bright and caring young men. she is now married to the best brother-in-law in the world who nurtures her as much as she does him. despite some deep wounds to her heart, she is still cares for, loves and nurtures the family. ok, she is my sister and i am so proud of her now as i always have been as she fights for what she feels is right. i love her.

good news

the saturn is running! this is wonderful as 1) it has some ac and 2) it does not heat up like the inside of an oven like the borrowed car!

amy came to the meet up and not only brought me a new row counter bracelet, but with some left over beads, she made me three stitch markers! well, she brought up 3 others to show janie but, one, maybe 2 will have to stay with me...well, if you are working on multiple projects, you should have one for each...don't cha tink??? well, i do!

i know, i promised a copy of my oil painting and here i am scheduled for another class on friday. i think it is on wildflowers. at this rate you wont see the one until you see the other. 

i started on my little (ha, she almost a foot talker than i) sister's diamonds.  when i have enough made, they will be turned into an afghan for her.

i'm sorry, i know there was something else i wanted to update you about but it's almost 3:30 in the morning and it appears my brain has already shut down for the night (morning) so i will pick this up when i remember what it was all about..