Sunday, August 10, 2008

oil painting

oil painting
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well, i tried to get it straighter

the maroon room

yarn in chair by you.
a chair is good for holding yarn
 maroon room by you.
more yarn (& young charles). hey when the cubbies are full, go to the top
maroon room by you.
and the swift charlie made me
maroon room by you.
and down to a bit of the yarn winder and lots of bags and more yarn
oil painting by you.
the other bookcase holding my painting from the oils class
painting by you.\
more yarn, paint and another view of my oil painting
painting by you.
charlie took this without light. i think it looks late a night

i am going crazy trying to get this dumb picture

into ravelry! so i am going to try to get it in here and then in there. ok, part can i get it in there?

dirty words...nashing of teeth...growling...

i could not get it in! so after 1 hour of trying, i give up!!!

and to make things worse, i have had to frog my baby hat and start over!