Friday, February 29, 2008

early day

Alarm at 6am, take meds, now awake. So, what to do, get on computer and catch up on mail.  Lisa, my friendly butterfly, has talked me into joining the Knitty Gritty group who are knitting the surprise baby jacket by EZ.  I want to do a larger (adult) size but am thinking about doing the baby size for practice as reading the pattern, I am finding areas of confusion.  Of course then I have to find out if any of the great, great nephews are of the right size or hold it until there is a new baby on the rise that will eventually be able to wear it!  I do have some chunky red, blue and yellow yarn that was intended to be an afgan that never happened (had great idea, loved the yarn...really crayon colors...see what I mean, just an excuse to buy the yarn which was on sale).  Well, I'll think about it while going to and waiting for dr.  Large (might fit me or mom) or small (would have to wait and see if baby could wear or hold for new baby), that is the practice or go for it...well, I gotta get dressed for dr so I better stop mucking around here.  Will make decision later...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

how do you like it...

Have I made this block easier on the eyes to read and see?  Is this a gentle, inviting place to visit?  I know, no project pictures...well, they are coming as soon as I get the roll finished, developed and put on disk.  Be patient.

it's a new day

and I am feeling better.  'have been wondering around in ravelry  and having a blast look at others works of art, techniques, and wondering; when my head stops spinning' where will it land!  
Joy, another night of good sleep...I'm on my way...I know I'll be at the Texas caucus on the 4th. Voting done early.  I never knew so much about how we do things in Texas as I have learned this year.  Obama, like JDK, gives me hope and a desire to delve deeper into things because he says I can, I should, be an active participant if I want change and some politicial involvement and meeting others who are more involved, learning from them, this is a good thing.
Started reading a bit from  Knitting without tears...well, skipping around...found a watch cap Charlie has wanted forever!  Just have to learn the pattern (EZ says difficult but way important) well before I start as I want this project to be worn more than the others I have made for him that I would like to donate to good will but he won't let me!  Though he doesn't wear them, he still wants to keep them.  
Today I am going to start watching EZ Glossary for the first time.  This is just a preview as I have been told, repeats and pondering are necessary!
Gotta go...E Z movie time!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

sorry, did you miss me?

You know what it is like to have to drink a gallon of liquid followed by a gallon of water and then the day after...well, I DO...and involve no sleep for 2 days!  finally crashed out about 2 am and slept til 2 pm today.  'feel better now.  Just have to take med to counteract effects of pain meds and repeat test in 2 months.  Woopee!  Does it sound like  fun ... well, Uck, Uck!   

Enough of that!  I got exciting mail!  My copy of Knitting Without Tears arrived along with the DVD A Knitting Glossary by Elizabeth Zimmerman!  Of course I have not been feeling well enough to read or watch either but...the night is young!  I know most knitters are well aware of her but I was not one.  So when I became aware of her, I asked a question of a friend, which would you by if you had to watch pennies so you could spend dollars and you have a stash of yarn flowing out of you craft room!  She say the Glossary was  perfect, soooooo.  The book just said, you've been there, you've done that, so by it, stop it now!!!  Just looking at the back of the video of Knitting Glossary lists such things as 13 ways to cast on (huh?), 7 ways to cast off (OK, I know at least 3), 15 Icord variations, Entrelac (not a clue, have to watch), Bavarian Twisted Stitch (never heard of that on either), Two-end Kniting (somehow I don't think that means what I think it means), Armenian Knitting (oooooh, I've seen it, can't wait), Steeks (this one I've heard of, asked about, got confused about, now I vill learn it, YEEPEE), EPS (this is another one I've heard of but don't understand, but want to learn), and MORE...she said MUCH MORE!  Can my brain absorb all of this!!!  and I have not even looked at the book jacket yet! 

The postman must have known that I needed a lift ad this was surely it or have you noticed?  

Well, I gotta go now.  I hope all of you (any of you?) have such a good day something wonderful to brighten you day!  


Sunday, February 24, 2008

icky poo day

tell me again why a colonoscopy is a good idea?  Why is the guck you have to drink have to taste sssssooo bad!  And if you have been watching salt like I, for oh so many years, does it also have to be so salty!!!  And why must one have to drink so much of it!!!  I know, it so you can get saddle sores for sitting on the silver saddle for so long (sorry, hard plastic)!!  Well, at least I have gotten a few more rows done on the soldier scarf and have started a snood that I hope to have finished by Thurs. for the PT tech who likes to beat up on my and laugh at the same time...she says it's me but how could that be?  Well, I hope you have enjoyed the day and the Oscars.  Toodles!

this day a waste...

have to drink liquid draino

Saturday, February 23, 2008

how do i do it...

'got talked into being a Texas Precinct Captain....this being the first election I have really been passionate about since Kennedy and Kerry, but didn't get all that involved in either.  Now I am and scared I will mess it up but since when have I let a little think like that stop me!  NEVER! Well, hear we go again...taking the long walk off the short pier in the sure knowledge that so far I have managed to not drown...I may have to paddle harder but...Looks like I will be reading while knitting.  Talk to you when I come up for air...the email package has arrived!


got up early, read mail, checked out the groups i got into last night, or wanted to, ate breadfast, got dress, went to house party for obama...then we all went to early vote, tried to check out a new doggie one home until 4 but i think it might be a doggie day care.  wonder if a couple of days there would help mysy go further in the comfort level with other dogs and new people.  puppy school is helping but it's over this week.  did get 4 rows done at house party and thank god, found some other people in my precint.  yes, people, there a some democrats in tx!  SURPRISE!  ok, now's the time to check mail one more time and then i'm putting this evil thing down...i keep finding groups chock full of interesting stuff!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

got mail

gone a dvd from Darrel Crow with basic techniques for adapting oil techniques to acrylics...had to all the taping i did of Bob Ross will come into play!  I THINK I CAN!!!  but will have to wait as by the time I finish all my email catch up and finish my investigation of r and, oh, eating dinner...oh and then there is tomorrow house party for obama and then early voting...dogs and dh need attention too.  After play with BR and Darrell, i may have to (mind bending arm back) buy another lesson on painting flowers...but then i want some more EZ books and dvds...ok, charlie, NO MORE YARN! until I make a dent in what i have that seems to be somehow leaking out of my craft room.  waiting for EZ knitting without tears and a knitting glossary...and still have to work on my solder scarf project.  next week is a disaster waiting to happen and I wonder if spit out a snood by thurs...never know if don't try.

Designing for all

Ok, I have old eyes and while they may twinkle, they find larger print is easier on the eyes, so I hope it relaxes yours as well.  Some blogs I've see have so small print or light print that I also find hard to see. So let me know if I have followed suit! Remember, I am new to this so help me make it work for everyone.

my first post

testing my capability to see what I can do here.  Feel like I must be the last kid on the block to get the new forgive me if I jump around and seem a bit confused!