Saturday, June 13, 2009

have you watch the nanny?
if you have, you have heard her talk about the time out stop. well, kids, win the naughty spot time out pad giveaway! momstart has so found one of the best gifts out there. but more importantly, she has pointed us to a wonderful group of people who have come up with some of the best products parents could ever want.

if you have ever lost a child to sids, you will want to check out the egg! a troubled sleeper, check out the sleeping bags!

i read about every product they have. i think you will want to as well! BUT read momstart's review of the naughty spot first! very instructional!

things that strike me funny

as i still can't figure out how to get a video on here, i will give you this access. i laughed.

how about 100 famous move lines in 200 seconds...go here

have fun kids! (ps, i hijacked these from someone else's blog..shhhh, don't tell)

a question for the day

shannon on her blog the mommy files posed this question: What is a tv show you just can't miss?

i could not answer. i am such a tv addict! can you answer?