Monday, December 28, 2009

WINNER: Murder on the Cliffs!

Have you ever seen a cover and title of a book you just had to pick up? Well, look at this one:
Well, I couldn't do that as it was on Melissa's Bookshelf! But I could read the synopsis! Oh, goody, English Gothic! Then I saw it...the name.....Daphney du Maurier! I have been a fan of her books and some of the movies made from them since...forever! She is going to be our heroine? What a great idea!

BUT what did Melissa think? First time author...blab blab blab..."I could not put this book down." YEA! (You see I trust her reviews.) HOORAY! She is giving a copy away!!! I entered immediately!

Last night, I was reading my email and found out, I WON!!! I got so excited I was sputtering!

Do go visit Melissa's blog! You will so glad you did check out her reviews on books you have read and/or ones you are thinking about reading. You'll be so glad you did.

You can get there by clicking on the name of her blog or the title of this posting.

Can you be organization crazy? or BOOK BLOGS SEARCH ENGINE

Back in August someone came up with the BRILLIANT idea of a way to search what book bloggers had posted about their reading adventures. Of course I thought this was the niftiest ideas since books. I blogged about it. I did every thing I could think of so I could find this wonderful reference any time I need it. I used it to see if I had read the same book as someone else. I used it to read lots of reviews before deciding if I really wanted a book as much as I thought I did. And then I didn't use it.

But today, I needed it! Desperately! And it is all J. Kaye's fault (you know her, J. Kaye's Book Blog). You see, she has this thing about top commenters for the week and Little Miss Big Mouth (me) was one. Not only that, I was chosen to pick a book from "Upcoming Book" list.

How was I the choose?

And then I remembered! I could read what other people had written about some of the titles that intrigued me! Grand! But how do I access it? Simple. Where had I put the address so I would not lose it?

It is now two hours later. I have finally found the old posting. The site, Book Blogs Search Engine, is now on the top of my Safari Screen for ready reference (where I should have put it in the first place!). And I can now tell J. Kaye, I want Beat the Reaper, by Josh Bazell!
Beat the Reaper: A Novel
Now for the rest of you, should you be faced with the same delima, don't make yourself crazy, record the address where you see your Wickapedia.

You can reach it quickly by clicking on this posting title or where I named it above.

NOTE: I am reposting this because I just needed the link. It took me forever to find in my old postings! If I needed it, you might; check it out!