Thursday, July 8, 2010

Has there been a MURDER?

Why yes! J. D. Robb is starting a fun series of mysteries with Detective Eve Dallas and Roarke, the wealthy Irish business man (with a bit of a shady side). With a bit of help from her soon to be lover, Eve will solve the murder of a senator's granddaughter and we will learn some of the back story of the 2 characters as they fall in love. 
Do you need to read this book before reading any of the others? 
Heck NO! Well, I didn't. This was the second book I read about them. These two characters were as stamped in the first novel I read as they are in Naked in Death. As each novel revolves around a new case, they can be read or heard independently. 
Away from our duo, the characters are as clear and the plot has wonderful twist and turns as it reaches it's solution.  
Don't try to read or listen to a bit Naked in Death before going to sleep, it just doesn't work unless you are very disciplined (which I am not) or you will be up all night (which I was) trying to see if you put all the pieces together before the end (which I didn't quite). 
It's a bit under 10 hours of listing time but speeds only nicely with the narration of Susan Ericksen.
p.s. I purchased this via one of my credits.

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