Monday, July 28, 2014


But cannot bake them if I want to just have one! You know I can't be trusted with a pan of freshly baked ones! I used to bake them for the boys after the teen club closed and the guys came of to info about teen aged girls. Sometimes I just dusted the brownies with confection sugar. Sometimes I laid thin slices of cheddar cheese on them while still warm. Both were inhaled. 

Today I was searching through Diane Kidman's blog for post she did years ago when I came across her recipe for NO BAKE BROWNIES. Now I know she is into good health so I had to stop and check it out! All I can say is, SOMEONE MAKE UP THIS RECIPE AND BRING IT TO ME! I don't want to wait until they free me from here!!!

FYI: Click on the recipe title in the paragraph above to get there ASAP!


I didn't realize until I brought my first house that it had a MAJOR roach problem! I tried know the national company that nearly did me in! Then one night I was talking to a friend of mine and her boy friend about my attempts at controlling them when Boy Friend said to cancel my contract  and get some Borax Acid Powder. "Never mind, I'll bring you some in suspension. All you have to do is spray it at the back of all your cabinets and other places where they can get to and your dog cannot."

WALA!!! Not in months or weeks, IN DAYS!!! I was ROACH FREE!

Now my friend, Diane Kidman of dkMommy Spot, has some recipes for you that I can tell work GREAT, if you don't know a chemical engineer. And they are probably cheaper than a can of RAID!

FYI: All you gotta do to reach the posting on her blog is click on her name to get right to the posting

FYI:  No picture of a dead roach because I really cannot stand them, dead or alive!