Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shabby Sheep are not

shabby! It's a lovely old yellow house that is now a yarn shop with y a r n ...all kinds and they let you touch smell and squeeze all sorts and they ask you want you are looking for and help you narrow it down! what wonderful ladies they are with lots of texas warmth and humor...they even helped me (?) rip (ouch) my bsj sweater back about 20 rows but got all back on! lovely! of course i have to knit it back (sniff) but it will look better. so if you get the chance,,drive, ride your bike...get there! you can just sit at the big table and knit or roam the rooms with lust in your heart! and the chairs must be comfortable cause we spent hours there and charlie was comfy and sort of attentive until the very end...and there is a love cocker puppy to entertain you.