Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Kitchen House

I'm not sure where to begin with The Kitchen House. Can you imagine being 7 on a boat from Ireland with your parents and brother? Your parents die. You are separated from you brother on arrival to the southern colonies. You are indentured out to a plantation and raised in the kitchen house with the slaves. Time and events will have a strong effect on you, no doubt. But how? And how do those changes effect others as you grow to maturity?
What were the differences between the way 'indentured servants' and 'slaves' were treated, or were there?
Oriagh Cassidy and Bahni Turpin voices enliven Kathleen Grisssom's characters as she explores a bit of this history that most of us have forgotten or never knew.
I found it provocatively interesting, but you will have to decide for yourself.
I am glad I used my Audible credit on this one. Whether you read or listen to the story, I think it will well worth your time and thoughts.


Esme said...

SOunds like an interesting read.

John who sell subwoofer said...

Nice post :D