Thursday, June 25, 2009

knit picks is having a good sale

especially if you want books. books are 40% off! this is dangerous to me as you know how much i love their books. so head on over to knit picks and see what you can't resist...or not if you are as sesptible as i.

i won michael connelly's the scarecrow

i do so love books. this one looks like a good one. it's catagorized as a suspensful thriller.

i was not the orignal winner (was sad when i wasn't). the orignal winner did not response back in the requied time limit. i was next up.

there is a lesson here. 1) don't give up. 2) as soon as you see anywhere that you won, respond to the giverer with a thank you and your information so it can be shipped quickly.


is the site you should visit if you too want to be a winner. val posts contests constantly! good ones too! so if you want a chance to be a winner of a book or something else, check her site out. and soon! you know i am going to be there trying to win too! just click on her name and you will be there.