Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why books on tape or CDs

Why do I listen to a book instead of holding it in my hands and reading?
Sometime your hands need to be involved driving or washing dishes or cleaning the house or knitting. What you are doing may seem a bit of a drudge.  Someone telling you a story keeps you company and makes the job seem to go faster.  When driving, you may find slow traffic and stop lights good things as you get to hear more of the story.  It can help you start you drive to work happier (you get to pick up where you left off after parking your car for the night.

Do I have any criteria? 
Of course. I pick out books I might have bought.  I listen to any sample I can find.  A bad narrator can destroy a good book. If the voice of the narrator is irritating in a 30 second snippet, how is it going to be for hours of listening?!?  I did try one because I knew the story was so good.   I deleted it after suffering through 30 minutes!

Abridged vs. Unabridged
Unabridged! every time!  If I would buy a book, I would read the whole thing so that is want I want in a recorded version. Abridged books, for me, are like cliff notes that give you skeleton version.  

Tape or CD
I have some of both but my preference is CD.  CDs won't melt in the car with the windows close to the 100+ temperatures we get in Texas. Also I've never had them get stuck in drive.

Last thought, if DH wants to sleep and I am not ready, I can continue the story in the dark with ear plugs and he can still have his dark quite room.

Sisters, can't live with them, can't live without them

The story of Nefertiti by Michelle Morgan, is told through via her sister, Mutnodjmet.  It is the younger sister who accompanied her parents to the funeral of future pharaoh and reports the proceedings to Nefertiti. It is Nefertiti who marries the new future pharaoh, Amunhotep.  The marriage was arranged in the hope Nefertiti with her strong personality (and father's guidence) will temper her pharaoh husband's heretical desires. 
Mutnodjmet continues to serve her sister in many capacities.  The bond between them is strong and complex and as interesting to follow as is the action around them.  Like the court of Henry VIII, there is love, betrayal, political unrest and religious conflict with a nasty plague throw in for good measure.  
As with Cleopatra's Daughter, this story is very engrossing and hard to put down! 
Cassandra Campbell's narration is good for the story. 
For me, Nefertiti by Michelle Moran, deserves a five out of five rating.  But maybe you should read it for yourself to find out if I am correct n my judgement.

I spy

If you are a fan of old movies, I am sure you will remember Travor Howard as the Scarlet Pimpernel.  You may also have heard of another English fellow, the Purple Gentian.  But, have you heard of the Pink Carnation? Me either before this listen; thanks to our heroine, Eloise Kelly! In Eloise's search she comes across letters that tell us "the secret".  
The dialog as quick witted as the pace is fast and salted with humor.
Give yourself a giggle and check this one out.