Friday, May 15, 2009

pooped and hot

the air conditioner is in trouble. good thing i didn't used my cpap last night or i might not have smelled the burning of the wires before the alarm went out. so it is hot and muggy with all the windows open! charlie is waiting for paul to get home so he can take him to go get a part.

pooped...i have spent the entire day hunched over my computer trying to get rid of mail in yahoo and ravelry. and trying to get my pattern folder organized so i can find the right patterns faster. have i finish that job but the mail is down...way i can see the bottom of the page in both areas. 

ok, so much for my break. time to get back to organizing patterns.

i hate diets

especially yarn diets. especially when people keep sending info about yarns on sale or new yarns they have! and tell me why they come in bunches?

ok, maybe, but only just maybe, it is because i subscribe to them. but couldn't they just show me yarns i don't really like or know, the kind that is thin as thread and has to be knit with toothpick size needles?

i gotta go...incoming mail...from webs!