Saturday, May 31, 2008

new rule

when you go to reading someone's blog...i am not allowed to read the whole thing...just stick to the current events or the day is half gone and you have knot all!  

vehicle update: down 2 (again).  a friend has lent us a car. dh is trying to fix car but has agreed that if not fixed within a reasonable amount of time (my reason), he will take it up to the saturn people for repair.  (after he "fixes" it this time, i still want him to take it up for a check to make sure all is well.)

i am trying to get another cell phone so he will have one for emergency (like when the saturn quit in south lake!).  the phone will have camera capability so i may finally be able to get some stuff pictures and posted.  (guess who gets the new phone and who gets the old.)

the lamp cover we bought at home depot (and i painted on a bit) is up and working on the porach ... yeah!  the screen door ... well, he's still working on it (over a year now).

Thursday, May 29, 2008

i have a shawl soooo

i want a shawl pin.  and there are thousands...i mean, thousands of them.  how do i know? i spent most of this morning, after i got my new yarns loaded, looking for and at them?  i still have not had a nap and i am tired.  what a good idea....

try it again

Plan C

here we go again...

I am half assed again

i did manage to get my photos of my newest yarns into flicker and then into ravelry so now they show up in my stash.  but i still can't get my photos in here.  

o, while i was trying to make sure all my info about my sock yarns was entered correctly, i found a new pattern! one that will make a perfect fit to one of my new yarns!  i am such a happy camper...lier...well i will be when i figure the flicker to hodgepodge problem!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


i know...did i really need more yarn? sure.  how can i learn to knit socks with that thick old stuff? this is "sock" yarn...liz wanted to destash and that this was cheaper than driving to the store and getting confused with all their stuff...her's/mine is so pretty.  i started my swatch and probably will have it finished later today.  and then i am off like a herd of turtles!  i was going to go from the top down, but have changed my's going to be toes up!  liz that lovely lady, even balled one of the 2 skeins up for me.  was i impressed!  her's look like what the ball winder would do...a nice cake...with a center pull!  mine do not have a centre pull but more a thumb hole in the mist of a ....a.... well before i take it off my thumb it looks like i smashed my thumb and it got a really big bandage ...  a really colorful one!  liz sent me some pictures of the yarn (i still don't have a digital camera).

(i've run into a wee bit of a technical back)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Now I am pissed

how i wish there was someone here i could pick on!  we know i can be educated. i have a degree to prove it. however, it appears i need real near help on this one. maybe i should scot (drink? seems a good idea until antibiotics...but no, in this case. i do mean frog it) the content in flicker and start all over again. even better idea is on hold til i can see better. 

i do so want to show mysy (mystery puppy) to you.  she is so shy (chicken).  it is really hard to get a good picture of her...if you don't get her on the first click and/or flash, she's gone.  

it's still early but i guess i will turn on the tv as this, and knitting, is not working out well!

If this works you will see family

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Plan B

this was taken with our $27 digital camera by him.  this one is the only one of the 5 test pictures that looked ok...the rest were out of focus...well, it is a $27 camera...hard to see what the heck you are focusing on!  but this is a plant in my garden.

i did it!  HOORAY!!!  balloons float up to the sky! i got a picture in and where i want it!  

boy, are some kids slow!  this really shouldn't have taken so long to figure out!  but i am so proud that i did it.

o, clap hands for charlie for he took the picture.  

what kind of flower is it?  a blue volunteer ...translation:  i haven't got a clue! but isn't it pretty!

now to see what else i can do. i want to see more even if you don't.  but if you are reading this, i will assume you do.  ready?  here we go!

ahhh...i may be figuring this out after all.  

this is a wonderful picy of texas spring clouds (and the top of the door of the van).  i love texas clouds as the following will attest.   

well they won't if i can't get them from flicke! and there critter flicks out there as well!

ok, i give up for now.  i have to figure out how to do some thing else for a while.  

so, you, my friend, will just have to wait!  (the cloud picture was taken with a 3mm throw away camera.  

am i having fun yet?  NO  i want to show them all to you! foiled again but i will figure it out.

It's a swift

i have a swift and dh is winding the first ball!  round to it circled!  imagine me doing giddy dance!!!  three cheers for charlie!!  he said that he would do it and indeed he did!!!

and what have i been doing while is he swifting?  changing my blog a bit.  i hope you like the changes.  i now live in the hope of being able to make this more workable for me...cross your fingers.

i may even try and go back and edit last posting to see if i can get pictures where i want them!

Friday, May 2, 2008


but the answer is yes, the battery in the 27 dollar digital camera (that was supposed to be compatible with mac but isn't) died!  and the memory with it!  what do expect for 27 dollars!

i expect to have fresh batteries, memory comes back.  dummy me!  so, all the pictures i took on the pretty, sunny day are gone.  do you get the idea i am not a happy camper.  you are correct.  

where is that irs check...i want a digital camera...o, one with a flash, too, please and thank you; $27 does not get you flash.

ok, i am going over to the corner and sulk.  i know it is not mature.  i don't want to be mature.  i want to sulk. i'll talk to you.....footsteps slowly fade out (footsteps...who is she kidding...o, i get it...never mind)