Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chocolate as a Stress Buster? Oh Yeah!

Chocolate Mexicano - Guajillo Chili
Ok, we know I love chocolate...ask my sister what sorts of chocolate nonsense we have gotten into! Any I saw this posting from Books and Needlepoint and decide you have to go and read it! Please note, this is not her opinion but those of:
Remedy SuperStress with Chocolate
By Roberta Lee M.D.,
Author of The SuperStress Solution
So if you need an excuse to add chocolate to your diet, read the posting by clicking on the title or the blog name.

Book Giveaway: THE APPLE by Penelope Holt

The Apple: Based on the Herman Rosenblat Holocaust Love Story
J.Kaye of J. Kaye's Book Blog is one that I visit very daily. I am serious! She has great reviews that I trust. She reviews lots of the books I want to read or listen to or am thinking about. I like her giveaways. I like her conversation postings were lots of us chat. I ask her (and other followers) questions.

It is natural for me to enter this giveaway as The Apple is not a book I have read and it deal with the holocaust. If you too would be interested or think you might be, head on over to this posting by clicking the the blog title or her blog name to enter or find out more about the book.