Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chesty, my little Chewbaka!

My friend Sheila and her daughter found a wee dog by the side of the road with no collar or chip. She asked me to take care of him until she found his owner.

I got him a bath and doctor check out, shots and heart worm him neutered...and lots of love!!! In return, he has given me lots of laughs and a wee puppy kiss or two.

When he came to visit (looks like staying to me), he was all black except for a white patch on his chest. Now he is getting a white goatee and bits of white all over. With his very short little legs, he often bounces about, rather than running.

We have figured out that he is half poodle and half shawcher.

Ok, now for the baby pictures (even though vet says he is about 2):

ok, i'm sitting but i'm ready to pounce over there!

do you think i'm cute when i try to snarl?

watching you type is so boring!!!

what? what? can't you see i was napping?

chewbaca? you want to change my name again???

you are just silly! i'm going to go back to napping!

see how smart i am? i've already learned how to do 'paws up'!

she's not playing fair...that lid is to the cookie can! I WANT A COOKIE!!