Sunday, May 16, 2010

I wanted to win what?!

GUM! That's right. GUM! 
Have you ever been somewhere and suddenly you are so hungry you could bite somebody but could not for whatever reason? OR you mouth is drier than toast and can't get to liquids? 
I have! Both! 
Then Leslie at Live, Love, Laugh with Leslie made it sound so good. Leslie also said it was 'sugar free'. 
So I entered. I WON two (2) different flavors. 
I like both of flavors and will buy more! 
If you like gum or need to have something on hand when you get into my desperate situations, check out Tridents' newest innovation...LAYERED GUM! (Who'd a thunk it! Ok, Trident did.) Seriously good with lasting flavor!
Don't forget Live, Love, Laugh with Leslie when you think it's time to see what's out there in the way of giveaways ... they are a great way to see what's out there that you might think you want to buy but want to try it first!

Goodreads gift to me

Goodreads is a gift to all of us who love to read, let others know what we read, track our books, meet fellow readers to find out what they think of books, etc. But who knew you could find giveaways there? And better than that?! Who knew I could win a book that a) I wanted to read and b) was by an author I really like and have liked for forever and a day! If you like a good way to track your books and reviews and your bookie friends, this is a really good place! 
So what did I win?
To Desire A Devil (Legend of the Four Soldiers, #4) by Elizabeth Hoyt (Goodreads Author) 
This is what was said about it on Goodreads:
Reynaud St. Aubyn has spent the last seven years in hellish captivity. Now half mad with fever he bursts into his ancestral home and demands his due. Can this wild-looking man truly be the last earl's heir, thought murdered by Indians years ago?

Beatrice Corning, the niece of the present earl, is a proper English miss. But she has a secret: No real man has ever excited her more than the handsome youth in the portrait in her uncle's home. Suddenly, that very man is here, in the flesh-and luring her into his bed.

Only Beatrice can see past Reynaud's savagery to the noble man inside. For his part, Reynaud is drawn to this lovely lady, even as he is suspicious of her loyalty to her uncle. But can Beatrice's love tame a man who will stop at nothing to regain his title-even if it means sacrificing her innocence? 
I have read and loved other books of her's and I have great expectations for this one as well. WHAT?! You want to see the cover. Here goes then:
  To Desire A Devil (Legend of the Four Soldiers, #4).  
If you are not familiar with this writer, give her a go. You will be so happy you did!

Let them eat cake!

Finally it was my opportunity! I finally won a give away to try one of Bake Me A Wish! cakes! (I tried to win one from ever so long a time!) It was at Leslie Loves Veggies to reach my desire!  The one I won was the Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake. Joy in my heart! I love chocolate! It arrived safe and sound to my door.  Finally came the time to try it. Awwww heavenly look and smell! The taste? Moist! Rich! Chocolate! HEAVEN!! All was perfect! Weeeeelll, not quite. It was quite crumbly. That was my only critique which, for someone most into the highlights, is not a big deal. 
But you go look and see which cake (and there are several) you want to taste...or send to someone overseas or has newly gone off to college. 
I do so thank both Leslie and Bake Me A Wish!.
Leslie has a wonderful site with tons of giveaways of great variety. If you don't believe me, go to her site and check it out for yourself.
WARNING: Viewing could be hazardous to your diet!

Red Velvet Chocolate Cake
Carrot Cake

Kiss My Thistle Scottish Shortbread

Just so you think DH and I are the only ones who like Kiss My Thistle Shortbread, I sent some to my Mom, my Sister, and my best Friend.  All said they were good but my Mom said it best when she told me she refused to share her shortbread with anyone!  Now, DH, if you remember, said this shortbread was like what it was really like in Scotland (his home)...not those thin things I used to get from grocery store!  I may not order these often (fluffiness requires restriction).  

Try making yourself a cup of your favorite hot tea and a couple of these short breads and enjoy yourself with your own tea party. BUT I should warn you, lock the rest away as Kiss My Thistle Shortbread is highly delicious!  

Book Winner

I've not read them yet but, from JENS BOOK TALK, I won two books that I am most ashamed to say, have not wiggled out of the 'to be read list'!  Before I go any further, I just have to tell you, my New Year's resolution was to acknowledge I do not have to respond to every posting I read on every blog I follow (if I want to have time for other stuff). Jen's blog is one I read often. She writes good, honest reviews! and has some really good book giveaways! Check her out by clicking on her highlighted blog name!

These are the books I won.    

Maybe I am really 2!

You a 2 yo picks up one thing and then some something else with another and then finds a third thing so must put something down in order to pic up third thing. Well, that's me. I read/write my email, FaceBook, Twitter, and next thing you know time has flown! And I can't go to my book until I finish my reviews! So here's the plan...think else until I am caught up on reviews!

Wonder site, Sweeps4Bloggers' , randomizer picked me to win a $25 gift certificate from EcostoreUSA Ecostore! This is really exciting as I really enjoyed my last winning there. I spent it on their HE laundry soap (front loader washing machine)Natural high performance laundry powder from Ecostore USA and oxygen additive. I was impressed but when shockingly so when dh noticed a difference!!! Products that is eco friendly and dh notices is effective! that is a really, really good thing! I can't wait to figure out what to get next!!!
You can visit Sweeps4Bloggers here and EcoStore USA here. Do check  them both out! (Both are on Twitter and FaceBook. O, and have great follower response!)