Saturday, October 25, 2014

The title and cover snagged me

I listened to the snippet on hoping it would deter me. But no, because of Lorelei King's narration of Darynda Jones' words. Now I am doomed to another series because they left me wanting to know what happens to her and her vaporous boyfriend.

"Her" was Charley Davidson; PI and a not so "grim reaper". In this book, she had to help 3 dead lawyers solve their case so they could "pass over". The "vaporous boyfriend" was there when she was born and then again whenever her life had been in danger, as well as in her vivid dreams.

Charley's retired father was cop as was her uncle, Bob. She has been helping them since she was 5 with her ability to speak to the dead. I loved her mind, heart...oh, lots of things, especially her wit which carried me through the rough part.

Would I recommend this book? You bet your sweet bibby I would to anyone who likes good mysteries written with good humor! It was well worth my credit!

5 stars