Tuesday, July 14, 2009

save money, make your own hairspray

my "no poo" friend, dkmommy at dkmommyspot, has been at it again.

this time she's gonna tell you how to make your own hairspray. you're gonna love this one and save the environment and your wallet too! i bet you have all the ingredients in your house.

check it out! as my daddy used to say, you have to save pennies in order to spend dollars! just click on the name of her blog and you are there.

3 things you might not know about me.

i dislike slimmy (snot) foods (ie, boiled ocra, boiled spinach, and eggs where the whites not not cooked.

i love to take pictures of clouds, and flowers, and...

i am a yarnaholic (this is different from a knit/crochetaholic as they are into projects). i yarnaholic is into yarn...they love to cuddle, look at, fondle yarn. they generally have more yarn than they will ever be able to knit/crochet up.