Monday, June 15, 2009

travel to san antonio

i love the alamo city so start here and then read on my friends as you make your summer travel plans.

travel to san antonio (wineries?)

ok, we have wine near here in grapevine and out near lubbock. but did you know about the texas wine trail? well, go check it out here! (hey knitters - there is a sort of yarn/fiber trail around there too. two favs ~ wine and yarn)

travel to san antonio (the parks)

There are 18 listings for Parks.

Image of Brackenridge Park

Brackenridge Park (sandy loves!)

3910 N. St. Mary's St., San Antonio, TX 78212

Phone: (210) 736-9534

San Antonio's Brackenridge Park is 343-acres and was created from land donated to the City of San Antonio in 1899. It houses the San Antonio Zoo and the Brackenridge Eagle miniature train...

Image of Casa Navarro State Historic Site

Casa Navarro State Historic Site (a place i missed? next trip!)

228 S. Laredo St., San Antonio, TX 78207

Phone: (210) 226-4801 / Fax: (210) 226-4801

Casa Navarro is nestled in downtown San Antonio. The half-acre site is the restored home of Texas patriot José Antonio Navarro (1795 - 1871). Today, visitors can tour Navarro's adobe home...

Choke Canyon State Park (missed this too but the area is so beautiful...i gotta get back)

PO BOX 2, Calliham, TX 78007

Phone: 361-786-3868 / Fax: 3617863414

Enjoy birding or viewing a breeding population of alligators and many species of wildlife. Fish include sunfish, catfish, bass, carp, drum, and gar. Camping picnicking, boating, fishing, hiking and a...

Image of Dog Parks

Dog Parks (did need them when i lived there a hundred years ago)

4700 Old Pearsall Rd, San Antonio, TX 78242

Phone: (210) 207-6141

An abundance of fire hydrants. Water fountains just off the ground. It s a dog s dream now available at two city parks: Pearsall Park, 4700 Old Pearsall Road, and the newly completed McAllister Park ...

Eisenhower Park (i don't remember this one but, you know me)

19399 N.W. Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78257

Phone: 210-564-6400

Five miles of trails for hiking, jogging, and nature study. 320 acres of Texas Hill Country landscape, including wooded dry creek beds and rocky canyons. Barbeque and picnic facilities are available....

Friedrich Wilderness Park (note the handicapped trails!!)

21395 Milsa, San Antonio, TX 78256

Phone: 210-698-1057

This 232-acre hilly and heavily forested wilderness park has 5 miles of hiking trails (including the region' s most improved handicapped trail). It is a neighbor to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and is loc...

Government Canyon State Natural Area (another pretty area...don't forget to bring your camera)

12861 Galm Rd, San Antonio, TX 78254

Phone: (210) 688-9055 (210) 688-9055

Government Canyon State Natural Area is an approximately 8,622-acre area in Bexar County, just outside San Antonio. The canyon was on the "Joe Johnston" Road from San Antonio to Bandera which was bla...

HemisFair Park (it's cool...not my fav but it's cool)

200 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX 78205

Built to host the 1968 World's Fair, the parks lushly landscaped areas and dramatic, cascading waterfalls offer a refreshing retreat from city streets. The park houses several historic buildings, a p...

Image of Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese Tea Garden (my fav)

3853 N. St. Mary's St., San Antonio, TX 78212

Phone: 210-207-7275

The Japanese Tea Gardens, adjacent to the Sunken Garden Theater in Brackenridge Park, features beautiful floral displays, a waterfall and a safe habitat for new Koi and aquatic plants. It is an extra...

Main Plaza (don't miss it)

115 Main Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205

Phone: (210) 225-9800

San Antonio's historic Main Plaza, at the heart of the city, dates back to the early 1700s. The city lovingly restored it in spring of 2008. This innovative public space, with huge trees, bubbling...

Mitchell Lake (think of what it was like way back when)

10750 Pleasanton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78221

Phone: (210) 628-1639

Mitchell Lake is a 624-acre complex has a mixture of brushland, grassland, mud flats, shallow ponds, deep ponds, and a deep water lake. The lake is positioned on a natural migratory bird route and se...

Image of River Walk (Paseo Del Rio)

River Walk (Paseo Del Rio) (another fav)

110 Broadway, Suite 440, San Antonio, TX 78205

Phone: (210) 227-4262 / Fax: (210) 212-7602

20 feet below street level and steps from the famed Alamo, the Paseo del Rio, better known as the River Walk, awaits you. Aside the meandering San Antonio River, stone pathways connect shops, restaur...

Image of San Antonio Botanical Garden

San Antonio Botanical Garden (and another don't miss)

555 Funston, San Antonio, TX 78209

Phone: (210) 207-3250 / Fax: (210) 207-3274

This 33-acre living museum entices visitors with seasonal floral displays, a serene native forest walk, exotic plant specimens from around the world, modernistic glass pyramids and even an authentic ...

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park (you know i love this)

2202 Roosevelt Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78210

Phone: (210) 534-8833 / Fax: (210) 534-1106

The chain of missions established along the San Antonio River in the 18th century is a reminder of one of Spain's most successful attempts to extend its New World dominion from Mexico. Representing...

San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department

Phone: 210-207-PARK

The San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department operates the City's recreational and cultural programs and maintains 212 City-owned parks including swimming pools, gymnasiums, cemeteries, sports faci...

Image of San Antonio Zoo

San Antonio Zoo (one of my top 5 zoos in the world and old enough to have lots of shade trees)

3903 N. St. Mary's St., San Antonio, TX 78212

Phone: (210) 734-7184 / Fax: (210) 734-7291

The San Antonio Zoo is ranked as one of the best zoos in the nation exhibiting over 3,500 animals of 600 species. Located at the headwaters of the San Antonio River, the Zoo encompasses 35 landscaped...

San Pedro Springs Park (a don't miss)

1315 San Pedro, San Antonio, TX

Phone: (210) 207-PARK

Full of rich history, San Pedro Park is San Antonio's oldest park and the second oldest park in the United States behind Boston Common. It's a beautiful place for a family event or nice afternoon str...

Woodlawn Lake (this was after my time)

1103 Cincinnati, San Antonio, 78201

Phone: 210-207-7275

Woodlawn Lake Park is a beautiful 62-acre facility located just northwest of downtown. A city park since 1918, Woodlawn features an artificial lake of about 30 acres in size. It's popular with walker...

taken from online sorce.

travel to san antonio (the other missions)

ok, you all have heard about the alamo but, read this from an online brochure on the other mission:

Mission San José

SanJoseMission_03.jpgWhile the Alamo is the most widely known and visited, travelers shouldn’t make it their sole stop inside San Antonio Missions National Park. The San José, established in 1720, was a model for other missions--and the most prosperous.

Located just south of the Alamo, this “Queen of the Missions” represented a social and cultural center. Its 300 residents sustained themselves by raising livestock and tending to vast fields. The mission had its own gristmill and granary, which have been restored.

At the church, look for flying buttresses, carvings, quatrefoil patterns, polychromatic plaster and the famed “Rose Window,” a superb example of Spanish Colonial ornamentation. Explore the stairway that leads to the belfry and choir loft; all 25 risers were hand-hewn form a single log and assembled without the use of nails or pegs.

Mission Concepción

Mission Concepción.jpgArguably the most beautiful mission church, Concepción looks much like it did in 1731 when it hosted many religious ceremonies. The structure is, in fact, the oldest un-restored church in America. While its exterior paintings have faded, guests can view conserved interior remnants of wall and ceiling paintings.

Mission San Juan

San Juan Sunset_lg.jpgThe San Juan’s fertile farmlands allowed for a self-sustainable mission, and its surplus helped supply the region with produce. The chapel and bell tower are still in use. Note the typical Romanesque archway at the entrance gate and the remains of a half-completed, more elaborate church. Guests can also tour a self-guided nature trail that leads to the river.

Mission Espada

Espada Hero.jpgThis mission contains the best-preserved segment of the acequia (irrigation system) that was used to bring water to the fields. Today, part of the acequia operates the Espada aqueduct and dam. Also noteworthy are an unusual door and stone archway.

All five missions are accessible via the six-mile Hike and Bike trail. When visiting, keep in mind that the San Jose is an active parish, and mass may be in session.

this is just a part of one of my favorite cities.

parental logic?!

if i could poll kids, i wonder how many would question it.

why do parents ask questions they are going to ignore the answers to, or they already know the answer? or kid's answer, they either will not like the answer!

example: why did you do _______ (fill in the blank parent). kid answers: i don't know. (would ignite my mom every time! and if i didn't answer, that would get her too. it's a definite lose/lose situation for a kid.)

i once wrote a letter to my dad stationed overseas. the pen ran out of ink. well, what's a kid to do. fill it. had i done this before? no. did things turn out well? no. you see when you pull up on the lever a nossell like thing came out (something i had not see when mom and sister did it). the next thing the bottle of peacock blue in tipped over! ink, permanent of course, was all over the lace (like crochet) table cloth and onto my mom's expensive (what else) wool carpet. i did the best an 8yo could (not a good job) and went to bed.

now, i was an early riser who had to get up when she woke up. i did not want to get up that morning. i played like i was asleep until i had a horrible headache. if i didn't get up, i would die. the odds were i was not longed for the world anyway. so i got up.

some rotten kids of a friend of hers were visiting. they told me i was going to get it bad! finally we faced one another, me and my mom.

i didn't get killed! she said she knew i didn't do it on purpose and that i had suffered enough (it was after 12 and i used to be up by 6:30 or 7). then she said, "honey, next time just come to me when you have done something you weren't supposed to. it will be lots better."

time passes.

my younger sister and i were doing something in the bathroom when her jade bowl landed on the floor. it broke in 2 pieces and there was face powder all over the floor. we gave each other the look of "we're ganna get it now!" but wait, remember what mommy said? so we elmer glued it together and scotch taped it together so the glue could set (so not the right type of glue or tape). then we scooped as much of the powder as we could and put it into the bowl (who'd have thunk about any dust bunnies. not us.). we swabbed down the floor.

when our mother came home, we were ready! secure in the knowledge all would be well! we were there to greet her and i, the older of the two, told her the entire story; what had happened, how sorry we were and how we had fixed it.

how can i tell you how wrong we were! that is when spankings were not considered child abuse but more a behavior modification technique. we got clobbered!

decades later, i used this as an example of how she confused me. she didn't have an explanation. but i can tell you that at the age of 9 or 10, i learned....parents expect us to know why we do things inconsistently when it turns out they are as just as bad. and they have selective memories of what kind of stuff they did as a child and how their parents reacted to their hijenks.