Thursday, May 29, 2008

i have a shawl soooo

i want a shawl pin.  and there are thousands...i mean, thousands of them.  how do i know? i spent most of this morning, after i got my new yarns loaded, looking for and at them?  i still have not had a nap and i am tired.  what a good idea....

try it again

Plan C

here we go again...

I am half assed again

i did manage to get my photos of my newest yarns into flicker and then into ravelry so now they show up in my stash.  but i still can't get my photos in here.  

o, while i was trying to make sure all my info about my sock yarns was entered correctly, i found a new pattern! one that will make a perfect fit to one of my new yarns!  i am such a happy camper...lier...well i will be when i figure the flicker to hodgepodge problem!