Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Cleaning

I want to read more, listen more, and watch more. I also have become a doctor follower and you know those guys, they like tests and stuff.

Therefore, I am narrowing my rss following if I a) am on your email list b) I follow you on twitter, c) I follow you an facebook, d)goodreads. All others will remain on the list.

Please don't let your feeling be hurt! If I follow all, there is much repeating and I am going mad trying to read all sites and still have room for other things. I really do not know how people who follow thousands of people on all  sites do it!

Movie Review: For Colored Girls

A new premium channel came to the line up with a sampling of what they were going to offer. One of the movies I selected was Tylor Perry's For Colored Girls.

Parts of it sounded like a Greek chorus. All of it was poignantly powerful.

The casting was perfect and all the women were believable. I've known, heard or read similar stories of women of different ethnicities but this is the best of the lot.

I don't think I could read the book, if there is one, as I know if I did it would depict even more than my heart could handle.

So why am I recommending this movie to you?

If I could give out Oscars, each of these women would get one for best actress. As would Tylor Perry. As would the writer. I would recommend this to aspirering actors, writers, and directors, people who like to watch great movies/stories that may make you hit you hard. Who like strong acting. People who want to leave a movie with their minds and hearts imprinted, as mine is right now.

For Colored Girls is for girls/women of all colors, races, and creeds as we are all parts of the rainbow of the sisterhood.