Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Knitting Jewelry

The last time I talk with you about Leslie Wind's work, I showed you this:
The cable necklace. Now I bring you the bracelet to go with it that can help you keep your stitch markers together!

I have one of these:

Handmade Flame-eyed Yarn Needles

These large-eyed needles can be made to your specs. Available in three sizes and in a twined combination of either sterling / bronze or copper / bronze. Further choices include either a bent or straight tip and round or squared shaft.

This perfect for this time of year as you can wear it as a shawl pin but also have it handy when you need to deal with those ends!

Leslie has other jewelry on hand and this is the time of year to gift yourself or a lady friend who knits or wears knits a lovely hand made gift.

Kanji Pin "Birth, Life"

Kanji Pin "Birth, Life"

You can view her pretties here. Give her a look! It's a good thing! (oops, things!)

(PS. Leslie has given me nothing to write this. In fact, until I tell her, she won't even know I have done this. I just like her work and want to share her.)

Margaret Mallory's Knight of Pleasure

Don't you just love it when you find an author you like and then find out there's a new book forthcoming? Well, Margaret Mallory has done it. Remember, she wrote Knight of Desire that I liked so much? I had forgotten it was part of a series...maybe because it could stand alone. Anyway, Seductive Musings sent me an email with a good interview with Ms. Mallory and the opportunity to win a copy of the latest book. If you read my review of the last one, you know I just had to enter for a chance to read this new book!
Now if you want to read my earlier review, click on the title. If you want to read the interview and enter the contest, click on the posting title or Seductive Musings blog name and you will be whisked on over! If this is as good as the last one, we will be in for a treat!