Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Book Review: True Blue (Audio)

The book was well read by Ron McLarty. There were some odd words and phrases that had dissonance to my ear. These were, I suspect a result of the differences between the written and spoken language, but it was not intrusive.

The characters were interesting and well developed. The plot was complex, interweaving treads from the perspective of several characters, but not confusingly so.

The story starts with in prison with Mason Perry (Mas) having a very bad and scary day...well it was scary to me. A guard who paws. 'Ladies' who are big and threatening mayham after lights out. It's after the nightly lock up. Her door opens. A woman enters. A cop. The chief of cops. Her sister. So begins the fast moving thriller! Hang on tightly. That was just the start!

It's an amazing bookl

Thank you Hauchette who lets me review books with no further expectation other than it be my own honest opinion!