Friday, August 1, 2014

Fly, Fly, fly away home!

Diane Kidman, you've done it again!

Now I have a task for someone who asked me if there is anything I need! And keeping flies out of my room is A1! With all the people going in and out of here, there is no way to keep them out of the building (especially if you are close to the door). So if I can keep them out of my room, I'll be happy. Diane has a recipe that apparently works! AND, if it works here, it's gotta work at home!

Oh, you want the recipe, too? Click on A Simple Remedy to Get Rid of Houseflies!

Making the No ‘Poo Resolution

This title is the one that Diane Kidman used on her web side. I am sending you there because in it she has the recipes she uses.

Because I am in a medical facility, I decided to go the Wen way with their starter package as it will be easier on me and the aids that help me.

NOTE: when I get back home, I will go to the No 'Poo solution! I was talking with one of my Occupational Therapists and her Physical Therapist teammate and discovered they are both Wen girls. They, too, find it rather expensive. One has very short hair with the typical negroid texture. The other lady is from Porto Rico with dark, naturally wavy Polynesian hair of medium to long hair. My hair is fine, way thinner that it was when in my thirties when it was thick enough to require thinning and down to my waist. They are thinking about going to No 'Poo as well for the economics of it verse the cost of Wen. I will try to keep you posted when I get my shipment of Wen, then out of here and onto No 'Poo...also, what they experience if they go No 'Poo. 

How to Use Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) for Soft, Shiny Hair

Diane Kidman, has some old post that seem to have sprung back to the forefront of my mind. This one accompanies her postings about NoPoo. If you click on on her name, you will be whisked over to her site for data of another rinse that will help your hair to be soft and shiny!

One commenter said she lets the rinse stay on her hair without rinsing it out. I am assuming that they use this rinse instead of the vinegar. I need to check with Diane for verification.