Monday, June 9, 2008


my current obsession! and getting past the first 3 rows!  why? because i have never done them before.  why? fear...they sound so complicated!  people with toothpicks the length of kabob skures!  you could poke an eye out with those things!  and then i, the spass master, tried them...double points but not the toothpick size...closer to a pencil...what a disaster!  no, ney, never no more!  and i knew i would end up single sockitis too!  and then... hold it!  and then... magic loop was introduced to me... neato!  and then...wait for it! and then toes up concept came! and then... are you ready! and then... liz had to destash and she had sock yarn for sale! ah!  and so begins the current obsession.  i am so like that!  i have until august 14 to learn on my sox and then to get a pair done for him for our ...what is it now... or 22 anniversary! for the slowest knitter in the west this is a tall order...we shall see.  the good news is i have gotten past the nasty 3 row hurdle.  what, you don't know the 3 row hurdle?  it's where you have to cast on (tail too long or short) excessive times (rats, i didn't twist the yarn right...start over) (when will you learn to count...8 on these 2, 9 on these 2),  you can't knit for beans (i forgot again, the ones on the back for the first round must be knit thru the back) the idea now? one must learn to love the frog!  i am learning this method of casting on magically.  these are not mistakes but learning experiences! this can be accomplished!