Sunday, June 28, 2009

i am a THREE time winner

from mommy i'm hungry!

SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 2009

Announcing My 2nd Blogoversary Birthday Bash Winners!


So, I had 11 sponsors, 29 gifts, about 930 comments and 8 days worth of sorting to find out who would be winning my party gifts! Thanks to for helping me decide, I have chosen my 29 winners!

I have sorted the winners according to the prize and listed what days the giveaway ran on. So if you see your name and comment # and you know to watch your email, doorstep or mailbox!

Here we go in random order (you can click a photo to enlarge)...

see me, hodegepodgespv

there i am again! hodgepodgespv

and there i am again, hodgepodgespv

not bad! a week of entries and 3 wins. so you go visit ms rachelle at mommy? i'm hungry! she has such great giveaways AND recipes that will have you drooling all over your computer...has should just see my drowned computer!

i won shapeshifter

the book is "shape shifter, the demo tapes, vol 1", by susan helene gottfried.

i signed up for the giveaway at drey's library.

if you are into books, like i am, you need to visit her blog, read the reviews and enter her giveaways!

how i got to be whoever it is i am giveaway

the devine miss mommy is giving away this book by charles grodin (yes, actor and humorist you have see on tv).
How I Got to Be Whoever It Is I Am

as i enjoy his sense of humor, i would love to win this giveaway. if you too are interested, check out her site and join in.

I won a gift card from ecostore usa

Ecostore USA Review and Gift Card Giveaway!

Ecostore USA is an extension of a New Zealand based company that makes plant based, non-toxic products that include personal and baby care use and household cleaning.
this was at Valerie Gay's blog, moms living fit. you ought to check her site out. and ecostore usa, too.