Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i won a journal


"Ex Libris Anonymous (ELA) journals are one of a kind and are made from recycled books of all shapes & sizes. Each book is filled with about 75 sheets of of acid-free blank paper. These books can be used as journals or sketch books or to record household expenses. The uses are endless!" says ms modern. you should go check her out! she really does like to give things away!

I won “Welcome to Canada, Science (Tiger), how cool it that!

i love funky cute clothes

Summer in Sydney
so i have to point you guys to a giveaway at the funky monkey. i mean, looking at this picture, don't you just want to see all? so click on her name and go see what you can win for some little girl.

frugalmommyof2girls giveaway

a pretty nice giveaway here if this makes you interested.

The Giveaway: just be giveaway

Each tee in the organic line is made from super soft ring spun 100% certified organic cotton made in the USA. All tees are printed with water-based inks so it's good for the environment.

there are some really lovely tees in this give! away so go look The Giveaway: just be giveaway

what is "nopoo"

if you'r like me, you had to find out. but i am going to let dkmommyspot tell you about it herself! she is now on day 12. read the comments of others too. (click on her name to read.) and go here for day 12 of her experiment. i really love the comments on these.
It is true.  I do have a natural mane.
she is now on week three and has and update here. it sure makes one think!

when your blog roller stops, hang in there

there are a limited number of buttons you can up into a roller before it stops. and it might even screw up the button behind where you input the new button code/text.

so i now have 3 rollers. the top 2 are constistent giveaway buttons (ga). the 3rd button is for estsy buttons, yarn buttons, and recipe buttons.

i like the buttons because i can get to them faster (as can ga bloggers who want to get to them too). and i think it makes the blog cleaner.

tout-est-des-roses: Happy Green Bee Company-- Review and GIVEAWAY!

isn't this the cutest? don't your love fun clothes? go check them out

tout-est-des-roses: Happy Green Bee Company-- Review and GIVEAWAY!