Sunday, May 24, 2009

buying cowboy boots

dsc_0094compliments to susie shepherd (this is her photo).  she is the one that wrote it up and with pictures to boot! (i made a funny)  ah the things you learn from knitting fiber farmers! link

pretties giveaway!

The Giveaway: andrea's beau giveaway

and they are pretty and would be wonderful to win when you are going out for something special. if you have long or thick hair that you like to do up or back...she has some great combs and hair pins.

what the haaaay!

if you looked at my blog a bit ago or a bit before that or a bit before that... yes, i know you look at this one minute and then again and it has changed again. that is because i keep trying to get it right.

i moved the buttons down because it is easier to see them as a group rather than a stream (well it is for me and it's my blog and i can't figure out that new blog roll that takes up less space...teach me). 

then i started looking at my list of blog sites. i just had to split them up. some of you are only visiting because of one thing. some another. maybe you just want to see who has lots of pictures, who tells really good stories, how does lots of things on knitting, and then where have i found a good site for something i really like on line.  there may be some over laping because some people fall in more than one.

will i ever get this right? probably not. but it will be interesting to see what developes. remember, i warned you, this is a hodgepodge of stuff.

attention knitters/crocheters!!!

i know you have to think i have forgotten all my knitting/crocheting friends. 

not true. most of the people i have been talking about are knitters/crocheters who have other interests similar to mine. i think knitting  and photography and art are all of a similar nature. we see colors that can work together, blend into one another or contrast against each other. i think that is why many of us get into dying yarn. somehow, we must translate colors we see onto blank yarn. lights and darks and shades and hues. 

so many textures. we see textures. now that is one of the things that turns us into yarnaholics (see my portrait). textures turn us into knitters. we want to feel the yarn move thru our fingers and see/touch the resulting fabric. we have to make patterns. and then some of us are compelled to learn to spin ... how else will we get the yarn we want? 

if you are not a knitter or crocheter, i hope this draws you into this wonder craft(s).

frames for all the photographers

or people who want frames that will really show off their pictures. do two things for yourself, enter this giveaway and then create a of the framers' site so you can't lose the site for the next time you need a great frame!
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