Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i was not going to post tonight

but! i had to clean up my mail so it didn't get out of control. someone sent the this. you guys know i can't figure out how to post videos in here so you just have to go there for yourself. this is so very funny. i think i have to subscribe to her to her site. i had never been exposed to her but will follow her now! you go on over there and see/listen for yourself.

trip time to germany

and by train no less...with our friend, i would rather be knitting. where are we going? to a book store? no. to a yarn shop? yes? but don't worry, it will be free for us. she is going to take us and it will be a wonderful trip because she is such a great tour guide. so just click here and we are of to the WOLLMEISE YARN SHOP.