Friday, August 15, 2008

do i love this pottery

this is a is a spinner bowl

this is a yarn bowl.

you have to go see, 'cause they have done it again! it is the knit witch and the dh! o, and while you are there, if you like photography, visit her blog! yepido, for knitters, this is a fun site! and if you don't know what does pieces are for, you just gotta go find out about it. you can look at so many things here, you could get lost for  hours!!

taken from her blog:

Remember all those little tadpoles we had swimming around in the pond? Well, they have sprouted legs! Look how cute they are!

These little guys are so cute peppered all over the pond plants. They are TINY.

trains planes and automobiles

saturn blew another thingy ... back to the borrowed heater until it's fixed. ok, i am having a whiny day! live with it! 

but my dogs like me...oscar came and tried to help me type...doesn't work well. he generally confuses everything and i have to start over. i am safe right now as he is helping charlie fix the car.  

mysy just came in for a drink and a cuddle.  she doesn't try to type, just curls up for a nap and woofs when dh comes in or any other noise sounds suspicious! do you know how loud a 55 lb dog woofs!!! but she is my singing buddy so i best not make too many comments.

enough messing around...must finish getting thru emails and back to tinking (unknitting) 16 screwed up rows on those bloody socks!




used in serveral items

used in serveral items
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and in this hat also...there was also some green yarn from my stash that i will not show you...'cause i don't want to! 

but the end result is the funky hat!

red square

hat made from a bit of this

red square by you.

hat dash

funky hat (one may be clearer than the other) as demo'd on a foot

Mirasol Hacho Yarn

Mirasol Hacho
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so pretty, so thin, so earlier postings for additional comments

sandy's first attempt at socks

sandy's damn socks by you.
toes up, two at a time.

red square

i forgot to take a picture of where i started on this one but it was about 2 inches from the end....finished work in progress...the first one i did..finish that is!
red square by you.

from whence i began

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and rip and knitted and ripped and knitted

yarn one of the yarns for diamonds for daylia

9429 by you.

no. 1 of diamonds for daylia

the completion of one
9429 by you.

ravelrylimpics pics

no. 1 of diamonds for daylia by you.
baby hat on foot by you.
red square by you.

o good grief granny!

silly avlerydo you ever have groups of days that run together and confuse your brain because you are running in too many directions? 

yes, i answer. 

for some reason, i suddenly decided the olympics were ending the 17th! what a panic...3 works in progress to finish, one, i was not going to make it....i had to go to pt and there were knitting groups to go to...and then, and then....o my god!!!  i forgot the knitting class i signed up for!!! i hadn't gotten the yarn!! i still needed the book!!! so naturally, i kept messing easy things up! again! and again! it was like my brain was on crack and i either had too many fingers or not enough and i forgot how to count and which direction i was supposed to be going in!!!

and then my temporary crown feel out making me spend 4, count them 4 hours in the dentist chair...on my birthday no less! that's the way to celebrate! not!  

ok, the wip are:

1. diamonds for daylia (if i could finish the first one, maybe i will get onto the rest)
2. red square (and i still hate doing bobbles)
3. sandy's socks (my first socks ever below for deeper understanding...may be renamed "those bloody socks"
still a wip...damn those heels! damn that tiny yarn!  damn those tiny needles! damn that dark color! damn damn damn!!!! 

the new project:

1. baby hat (done on the blue round loom...had to be frogged because i needed a tighter weave and was running out of i had to stew over it...then i lost the yarn...and the loom. found the yarn, loom was still amiss. finally went out and brought another! made the "funky hat". (by the way, the original loom magically reappeared ....this morning ...after i finished the had in the wee hours of the morning ....naughty words naughty words

what??? you want to see??? ok. let me see what i can do...i have had no success in getting them posted in the ravelry posts or in my email but we know i can get them here...i think i will put them in on the next post...all by you will see them first.