Tuesday, July 28, 2009

did you notice the difference?

if you are like me, there are some days when you just can't get through all your emails to get to the rss feeds. so, to make it easier on you, i have added the email feature for you. i hope it make things easier for you too.

have a great day while i see if i can get through all my email and some of the rss feeds before my body requests sleep!

i won soap...UPDATE

not just any soap! it from ozark scents in celebration of leslie's 27th birthday. she celebrated by giving others (me among them) gifts.

her site is live love laugh with leslie. oh, and she doesn't just give away stuff on her birthday, she does it all the time. don't believe me? well you just click on her name or her blog name and you'll see for yourself. but watch out! she has recipes too...with pictures you don't want to see if you are on a diet!

what? what happens if you click on ozark scents? why, silly, you get to see all the goodies they have there.


i just got my soap! before i could even open the mailer envelope, i would smell it...think sudden salivation and hunger pain along with a sudden desire for chocolate! out comes a bubble wrapped package. the scent is stronger, as are the desires for chocolate covered cherries. off with the bubble wrap. now we have a sweetly covered yellow tissue paper wrapped package tied up with hemp... that's twine for the unknowedged. i pulled the bow string and there, encased in a wee bag tied up with a bit more twine is what you see above! i'm so hungry for chocolate and strawberries, i could almost (well, i did say "almost") eat the bar instead of taking a bath with it! guys, i really think i will have to visit this amy again for more soap...but this time no foody smells...too hard for the brain to dissociate!

Tamed by a Laird

book cover of  Tamed by a Laird  by Amanda Scott
(2009)el by

Amanda Scott

National bestselling author Amanda Scott sweeps readers back to the turbulent fourteenth-century Scottish Borders, where valiant men and women risk everything for their land. Jenny Easdale is ready to accept her fate. She's agreed to marry a man she will never love - yet not before slipping away for one last adventure. Following a traveling minstrel troupe, she's whisked into a world of intoxicating freedom. Then, all too soon, she finds herself in danger - from a vengeful political plot against Scotland and from the man who has come to take her home. Dutybound to return with his brother's wayward bride, Sir High Douglas is not prepared for how her quick wit, courage, and laughing eyes touch his warrior heart. Now, as the merry minstrels play matchmaker and passion sparks between Hugh and Jenny, the conspiracy against Scotland builds...and threatens all they hold dear.

From its start with a map and a note to the reader, to end with another note to the reader, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

I enjoyed this view into the past. I loved the sweetness and intelligence of Jenny. The determination and cleverness of Hugh. The crassness of Reid. The canniness of The Joculator. All the members of the troupe and Archie the Grim. What a great cast of characters!

If you want a good read, I highly recommend this book...but keep your dictionary handy for some of the arcane words and do enjoy the dialect. I sure did!