Thursday, October 9, 2014 A review

I've now purchased enough items  from this company to feel competent to review it.

Pro:  The prices are generally good.

Con: If you don't like the product, you can't return it. (That's how they keep the prices low.)

Warning: On the jewelry, make sure you have a ruler beside you so you know the exact the size of any piece or you may find you've ordered something you cannot return. I did get one piece as a gift. I liked the color but the piece was considerable smaller than I expected.

The products I've ordered I like but on one of the dresses (below), the quality is rather shoddy so there are strings on the hem that need to be clipped. I did ware the dress and discover upon disrobing that the fabric bleeds. It will need to be hand washed and rinsed well. I'll probably won't put it in the dryer until I am sure I've got the bleeding under control.  I got several complements on it. It's gauzier than I expected.  I like that the design requires no additional neck wear. All I need is a pair of earrings and maybe a bold bracelet. Yes, it is longer in the from and back and shorter on the sides. Perfect for me as I love the fullness but because of the cut, I don't have to worry about it getting caught in the wheels of my electric wheelchair.
I like this top in person but have not worn it yet. I'm thinking it will have the same bleeding problem as the red dress. It will go well with black pants to dress it up, or jeans for a casual look.
 I wore this necklace with a denim dress with red trim. This was a perfect accent and got several complements. I like it because it's not too big or too small and is sort of lacy. 

This just arrived. The color is a bit deeper more a burgundy or maroon. Supper soft.  I already know it will go with many things in my wardrobe!
I wore these with the black and ivory sweater. I love them. They did what I wanted to keep my arms and hands warm and my veins nice and plum for the doctor's vein plan!
 This is lovely and warm (yes, I tried it on). My problem with it is the bits of gold running through it which I think makes it a bit dressier than I wanted.
 This is the black and ivory sweater I wore with the fingerless gloves. ('worked well together.) It's a one size fits off. I had to let it air out as it had a bit of a smell to it.
I love making meatloaf and this is a good size to take to a to a pot luck dinner. I also love banana nut bread and think this would make a presentation dish as well.
I want to make different breads to give as gifts or freeze for us (2 people) for occasional treats or make-a-head meatloafs fast meals comfort meals.

 Yes, another loaf pan. This is a bit bigger than the white one. I like the lifter for many reasons.
 This is going on the ledge behind the bed for charging our cell phones and my iPad over night. Charlie even thinks is cool.
Will I buy more from this site? Yes, but with care and attention to details.