Saturday, January 16, 2010

Facing the end of the old and beginning of the new

Yes, this is what it looked like! Not pretty and I thought it would never end! But at last, it is done! Everything is set up for 2009 taxes ... just waiting for the forms from other people. AND things are set up for 2010... all I have to do is file as I go. No more piles of piles!

Now that that is done, all i have to do is catch up on reading and write a dozen reviews and thank yous and emails and stuff like that.

Weeeellll, I have to be honest, I opened up my Yahoo mail and saw 2000 pieces! I freaked! So I closed it. I thought about it and made an executive decision. Read the titles and delete all that do not look auspicious! And that is how I got control of that bucket. Next is the Gmail. Shiver.

I have come to some conclusions...I talk to much. It is not necessary to write notes on all the postings I read. So new rule: Comment only when you really have something to say.

Referencing contests, new rule: no entering any more book contests until the pile gets lower!

Now we all know rules are made to be broken but I am hoping....