Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mama's Money Savers giveaway

mama's money savers is giving away this stuffed cutie, norman phartephant. who farts! i don't know how much kids will like him, but a have a husband who would love him!

How did Norman become so Gassy?
Norman PhartEphant™ is an African elephant that was adopted by a US zoo. The dietary changes in the transition caused unexpected gastric effects. There is more to Norman than just gas! 
Norman makes a great present!
Norman is more than just a farting plush! By giving Norman as a present, you are also giving presents to a few child-oriented charities!  Check out Norman's Story & Friends!

and enter the contest here.

phat fiber give away

yarn...beautiful yarn! if you gotta have it go to phatfiber and enter. i did! o, desert garden farm does batting too for those who want skinnier yarn.

wish list

sideshowmelody, a ravelry member, came up with 8 items. before she challenges me, i am going to see what i can come up with.
  • mysy pup's hips to get better
  • for charlie to be well enough for us to get back to the swimming pool!
  • for the folks i am praying for be relieved of cancer, and i accept what that means.
  • a vehicle that will carry my new wheel chair and me around!
  • for people to realize that homosexuality is not contagious so they are safe to vote for the equal marriage act.
  • for people to stop being afraid or breeding fear and start loving and teaching love.
  • i could paint the things i see and have them come out the same
  • the metabolism would return to all of us have become heavier than they wish (like me)