Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Eagle and the Raven by Pauline Gedge

The Eagle and the Raven
Spanning three generations, this historical novel tells the tale of Boudicca, the most famous warrior of ancient Britain, and Caradoc, the son of a Celtic king, who sets out to unite the people of the Raven and lead them against Rome. Caradoc's objective is not easily accomplished as the Roman army advances into Britain, raping Celtic women and burning villages to the ground. His efforts are also met with fierce opposition from Aricia, the vain queen of a northern tribe who swears allegiance to the Romans after Caradoc slights her, and from Gladys, Caradoc’s warrior sister who falls in love with her Roman captor. Unfortunately, Caradoc’s endeavors are left unresolved when he is taken prisoner, but Boudicca, a strong-willed woman, ultimately takes up the cause that was Caradoc’s legacy.

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Flashback by Nevada Barr

Flashback (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, #11)Flashback by Nevada Barr

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think I want to give this a higher rating but not.

It is a good book braiding two stories in the present, one in the time just after the Civil War but both taking place in the same location and both involving murder.

"Anna Pigeon takes a post as a temporary supervisory ranger on remote Garden Key in Dry Tortugas National Park, a small grouping of tiny islands in a natural harbor seventy miles off Key West...

...Here, on this last lick of the United States, in a giant crumbling fortress, Anna has little company except for an occasional sunburned tourist or unruly shrimper. When her sister, Molly, sends her a packet of letters from her great-great-aunt who lived at the fort with her husband, a career soldier, Anna's fantasy life is filled with visions of this long-ago time." *

In the present, another Ranger is missing and a boat has exploded.

It's not the fault of the narrator who does such a good job!

So why can't I give this book a 4 or 5 star rating? I just don't know. Maybe you should read or listen to it and tell me where you would rate it.

*This is a quote from the book summary.

Ashes to Water by Irene Ziegler

Ashes to Water
This is a perfect "patient" books. A "patient" book is one you take with you to help you forget how long you are having to wait...wait to be called into the room where you will see the doctor...wait for the doctor to come in...wait to have your blood drawn...wait for to be called for this test or that test...wait for the van to get its fill of gas...wait for... 

My Kindle doesn't care if how windy it is, it's ready to open to the page I want. 

The story is easier to pick up than to put down. I'm already 24% into it in just one day of hurry up and wait.