Thursday, June 18, 2009

Question of the day

If you had 5000 dollars to give away or donate to a charity...explain what you would do with it and why?

there are so many charities for so many thing that are all good and nobel and deserving of my support. that said, if i had that much money to donate, i think i would donate it aspca via my vet's office.

money is so tight today. people who dearly love their critters are having to give them up. feeding themselves and/or families, has to be priority one. this has resulted in more animals being put into shelters. those animals need support until they can be adopted. when the economy picks up, people will want to replace the animals had to give away.

why via my vet's office? i know he will make sure it get into the right hands.

i am a winner

Val's Views

The Natural Dentist giveaway from valsviews today.

norman pharephant

Norman Phartephant the elephant plush toy #giveaway

June 15, 2009 · Filed Under giveaway

Norman PhartEphant came to live in our home a few weeks ago and has been sharing his flatulence with my family causing all kinds of raucous in our house. My son thinks this is the sound an Elephant is supposed to make. He knows how to sign the elephant so he signs it and copies the farty sound.

if you think he looks cute, go mom start and find out how you can win one!

virgin coconut oil


This is what MomStart had to say when she got the sample and cookbook...says it is a winner!y Story with Virgin Coconut Oil.

Tropical Traditions sent me a jar of virgin coconut oil. I have had time to use it in a recipe of my own, but they did also provide me with a book of recipes and information about Virgin Coconut Oil. I haven’t even begun to delve into the book but I will tell you about my cooking experience.

I like to make a recipe called Chicken Curry and Coos Coos. We usually use Coconut milk but I was out and I had this jar of Coconut Oil. My husband had already put the idea in my head so I proceeded to use the oil.

click her name, to read the rest of her comments. you'll want to enter after that!